How to clean plaque from the tongue?

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 June 2016

It's no secret that in order to maintain oral hygiene is necessary to brush your teeth every day.However, not all people remember that you must deal with the purification of the language and because its surface is also formed plaque.If you feel that you have a bad taste or odor in the mouth, should begin to brush the tongue from layers.

Causes plaque

Normally, the language should be soft, pink and have no cracks.Sometimes it appears plaque, which can be easily removed with a toothbrush.If this does not help, you need to determine what the cause of the deposits.Most often this is due to the following factors:

  • gastritis;
  • gastric pathologies;
  • constipation;
  • cholecystitis.

To cope with the coating on the tongue, it is important to establish the cause of its occurrence.In addition to the diseases on this process affects drinking coffee, smoking.After the elimination of the causes can begin to cleanse the mouth.


tongue when brushing your teeth can be cleaned with the reverse side of the

brush.The same can be done using ordinary teaspoon.To cope with a touch, a brush should move from the base of the tongue to the tip.However, it is not necessary to delve very far away, otherwise you can cause a gag reflex.To eliminate the deposits can also use toothpaste if its composition have antibacterial components.

Proper cleansing technique is quite simple language:

  • after brushing should be gentle movements to clean the surface of the tongue plaque;
  • same circular motion should be cleaned sky and cheeks;
  • to get better results, you can use a special conditioner for the mouth.

systematic implementation of this procedure always save you from flying.

Folk remedies

If you did not have at hand toothbrush to clean the language you can use gauze.To this end, it should be wound on a finger and gently remove fat.Of course, such treatment may be used only by those people whose language is not highly sensitive.

Help in the treatment and purification of the oral cavity and will bee products.For this purpose, perfect propolis or honey solution.Thus, the alcohol-based solution of propolis can be used for rinsing.If we take pieces of this product, it does not need special training - they can just chew.

effective means of purification can be an ordinary vegetable oil.This product should be taken into the mouth and hold it there for about ten minutes.Oil swallow after this procedure is not necessary, otherwise all the bacteria get to your digestive tract.Purification

language occurs due to the fact that oil collects all harmful substances and germs contained in the oral cavity.Another powerful tool is the language lubrication oil after meals.

Remember that in order to maintain oral hygiene is necessary to deal with daily cleansing of the language of the layers.You can use the most ordinary toothbrush, but perfect and effective folk remedies.If you own to get rid of fat is not possible, it is necessary to consult with your dentist and gastroenterologist.