Pain behind the knee when walking

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03 June 2016

Many people are familiar phenomenon of pain behind the knee when walking.This is not surprising, because the knee - this is the part of the body, which constantly had a strong load.Try to understand why there may be a similar kind of pain and what to do for their disappearance.

Causes pain

pain behind the knee that occurs as a result of the long walk, may indicate the beginning arthritis.This disease occurs due to a failure in the exchange of substances flowing in cartilaginous tissues or as a result of joint inflammation.Becoming a victim of arthritis is also possible due to the constant exposure to cold, physical stress, the presence of various intestinal infections.

man while walking may be experiencing severe pain under the knee due to the destruction of cartilage.In this case, there is a meniscus injury that can happen on impact, who came to the knee, or with a strong fall.Characteristic signs of meniscus injury are the complete or partial loss of their joint mobility, as well as the presence

of edema of the damaged area.

pain behind the knee can be caused by the development of any infection.The first time a person experiences pain when walking fast or running, but eventually the pain develops into a constant.The above symptom is usually called in medical circles tendinitis.

cause of pain behind the knee can be a disease, such as Osgood-Schlatter disease, occurring due to violation of the integrity of the base of the bone situated near to the knee.As a result, a person has to experience pain when walking.The disease occurs in the mind of the strongest physical overload or repeatedly injuries.This illness are more prone to traumatic sports lovers.As a rule, damage affects only one limb.

If pain occurs below the knee during walking constantly, then there is a possibility that it will grow with time in the island.All are manifestations of osteochondritis dissecans.This is a fairly rare disease, the characteristic features of which is to stop the feeding of the joint cartilage, and as a result, a partial extinction.Features


If there is pain behind the knee during walking should seek professional help.To self-medicate is not recommended, because it can only exacerbate the situation - the time will be lost, and the pathological process will cause irreversible consequences.

struggle with the pain behind the knee should be directed primarily to the treatment of the underlying disease, provoke this symptom.In the event that there are certain difficulties with the establishment of the causes, it is recommended that the therapy of common action.

restore the structure of cartilage and prevent its further destruction of this group of drugs is designed as chondroprotectors.But it is necessary to bear in mind that they act only after 6 months from the beginning of their daily use.Also taking them can be effective only in the early stages of the disease when the change occurred in the cartilage still are reversible.

reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain are designed to remove the NSAIDs.However, it is not necessary to use them for a long time due to the fact that these drugs disrupt the gastric mucosa.

an excellent tool that will help to cope with the painful sensations under the knee, is a special bandage which firmly fixes the joint, making it impossible for his departure.

on massage courses will benefit and physiotherapy.Massage can help eliminate various pinching nerves and helps to strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the hip joint.Perform gymnastics is allowed only in the remission of the underlying disease.

pain in the knee must cause concern, and to be the immediate reason for visits to doctors.Tighten the treatment in any case can not, as in this case, the probability of a very dangerous consequences.