How to stop the bleeding after a leech?

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 June 2016

Today in medicine are increasingly practiced by hirudotherapy - treatment with leeches, which are planted on problem areas in order to "purify the blood" and eliminate some of the problems associated with improper blood flow.It should be noted that these treatments are really effective, even though they do not contain chemical composition of many drugs, tablets, and dropper.One small leech, planted for 10-15 minutes, can help a person get rid of varicose veins, problems with the cardiovascular system and even cancer (in treatment in the early stages).

How does girudoterapiya sure everyone knows.Specialist leeches are planted at some distance from each other on areas of the body, causing the person to bite through the veins and drink his blood.This in no case can not detach yourself from leeches places, waiting until they die and do not unhook themselves.Here comes another problem - from the wound, which had just sat leech, for a long time is bleeding.How to stop it and what materials will be needed fo

r this?

What to do immediately after hirudotherapy?

girudoterapiya Once finished, you must immediately in the presence of a specialist to inspect the places where they were leeches.In most cases, they can be seen immediately, since there is always allocated the blood.In order not to bring an infection and not lose already cleaned the blood with leeches should do the following:

  1. to start putting a sterile bandage to the wound, or a clean handkerchief.This will help get rid of the blood flowing and briefly stop her.However, keep a handkerchief or bandage around the wound should not be permanent, or could cause contamination.
  2. to places that can not be covered by yourself, it is best to apply a cold compress, but in any case it is not recommended to put a piece of ice, without wrapping it in front of it in gauze or a plastic bag.
  3. Sores on the presence of leeches also can be treated with alcohol, iodine or brilliant green to disinfect and stop the blood.
  4. also want to pre-purchase Teflon or medical glue.It is the most effective helpers after girudoterapii that quickly stop bleeding and heal wounds from the bites.
  5. If there are sores on the mucous membranes, it is recommended to apply compresses constantly and handle them several times vinegar solution.However, it should be very careful when handling such wounds in the mouth - they should rinse the infusion of oak bark.

What if the bleeding continues, and there was an itch?

Since every body reacts to hirudotherapy in various ways, and it often happens that the bleeding site of the bite lasts more than a day.In this case it is necessary to take urgent measures and to prepare a pressure bandage that can stop the discharge of blood.To do this, lay several layers of cheesecloth after moistening their therapeutic agent (iodine suit, cream, butter, and so on. D.) And put on the wound, pressing and tightly knotting.

Sometimes the bite can begin to get irritated and itchy.To help get rid of unpleasant feelings may glycerin or petrolatum, which must be lubricated bites every two hours.Be healthy!