How to stop the bleeding after tooth extraction?

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 June 2016

Probably every adult firsthand experience with this type of surgery as tooth extraction, as sometimes is the only way to rid yourself of unpleasant and often unbearable pain.

When you remove the tooth there is a rupture of the blood vessels surrounding it, but because of bleeding during the opening of this, we can say the operation - the process is quite natural.In normal tissues from damaged blood should cease to act literally within half an hour.If several hours have passed, and the blood continues to trickle all, you need to sound the alarm and take certain measures.


  • Put sterile swab into the hole, made of gauze or cotton wool and carefully squeeze the jaw.
  • for half an hour is necessary to keep the enclosed swab.During this time must form a blood clot.
  • Then you can ease the pressure somewhat, but in order not to accidentally remove a blood clot, remove the swab from the mouth is not recommended for a few hours.
  • If the swab was not heavily soaked with blood, the bleeding was successful
    ly stopped.
  • If blood continues to trickle out, it is possible to repeat the procedure, but is pre-impregnated pads three-percent hydrogen peroxide solution.
  • To eliminate pain can be applied pain medication.It is not recommended to use such medicines as "Ketanov" and "Aspirin", as under their influence may increase bleeding.

Help dentist

In the event that after the removal of the tooth revealed severe bleeding, which can not stop at home on their own, it is recommended to ask for help in a dental office.

dentist can solve the problem by different methods, including:

  • suturing or hemostatic sponge;
  • plugging;
  • electrocautery (burning vessel);
  • appointment of drugs that increase blood clotting.

happens that launched bleeding develops in the inflammatory process and, despite the fact that the blood ceases to trickle out of the hole, the cheek and the gum begins to swell, while delivering human pain.Such symptoms suggestive of infection wells are the reason for the emergency treatment of a doctor.

specialist in this situation will clear the hole and fill it with a special anti-inflammatory gel.Also shown is receiving antibiotics.When treatment failure can not do without hospitalization.


after tooth extraction should be abandoned:

  • hot drinks (coffee, tea);
  • smoking and drinking (for two days);
  • chewing and sucking candy;
  • exercise and taking a hot bath.

observing all recommendations, you can avoid opening the bleeding after tooth extraction, or make a quick stop it.