Can the rolls for gastritis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 June 2016

Gastritis - is often found in modern time disease, which is an inflammation of the stomach lining.No doubt it can be argued that the main method of combating this affliction is a special diet.

There are lots of drugs that target the treatment of gastritis and the elimination of unpleasant symptoms of this disease, but without complying with the special diet intake of these medicines will be ineffective.

That's why the choice of products to their diet people suffering from gastritis must be approached very thoroughly.In particular, many patients, especially the lovers of Japanese food, interested in the question of whether it is possible to use rolls for gastritis?Let's deal.

How useful rolls?

main ingredients are rice rolls, fish, wasabi, nori, and ginger.The dish is served with soy sauce.The use of rolls associated mainly with the fact that in most cases, used for cooking seafood not undergo heat treatment, and thus fully available to retain all of these nutrients.

So, nori - an excellent source

of important elements such as iron, iodine, calcium.Wasabi, having an antiseptic effect, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.Ginger, which is typically present in pickled, possesses anti-inflammatory action and improves digestion, which is especially important for people suffering from gastritis.

Besides rolls, despite the fact that are among the low-calorie dishes are very hearty, and their main ingredients - cooked rice and fresh fish perfectly match each other.

eat or not to eat?

While rolls are definitely very healthy dish, nevertheless, people with a diagnosis of gastritis is to abandon their use.Exotic foods, are used as "filler" for the rolls (e.g., clams, shrimp, red fish) require a significant amount of digestion enzymes.For this reason, regular consumption of these foods can provoke a smooth transition gastritis appeared in a much more serious disease - stomach ulcers.

Also an integral part of the rolls are hot spices (wasabi vivid example) that are strictly contraindicated in gastritis.

And if you really want ...

For those who have fallen victim to this insidious disease called "gastritis", but does not think your diet without Japanese food and especially without rolls, and sometimes, nevertheless, may be allowed to indulge yourself with this dish,the truth is not quite the usual variations thereof.So, there are rolls, "filling" which appears not fish and seafood, and the most familiar fruits and vegetables - cucumber or avocado, for example.In addition to use such rolls should be, as they say, "dry", ie without soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi.It is clear that the palatability of the food will be left to be desired.And because people who suffer from gastritis, still not worth risking your health and should abandon the use of rolls, finding them any alternative.