Pine nuts in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 June 2016

Unfortunately, in modern times this insidious disease like diabetes is gaining its spread.Of great importance in the treatment of this disease is subject to the special diet.Along with the banned products, there are those whose eating is a must.Among these products, no doubt, apply pine nuts.

Use pine nuts

Cedar - this is truly a unique plant, which is extremely useful for the human body.Moreover, even the air that surrounds the tree is rightly called therapeutic.From ancient times, the resin, needles and, of course, cedar nuts are used in medicinal purposes.Cedar components have been successfully used for preparation of various medicines.

Among all nuts pine nuts is considered to be the undisputed leader in content of nutrients.It consists of various vitamins celebrated mass group membership, trace elements, fatty acids.

Why pine nuts needed for diabetics?

Due to the low concentration of carbohydrates in their cedar nuts are allowed to include in the diet of people suffering from diabetes.Contai

ned in the pine nuts thiamine, also known as vitamin B1 it promotes the optimal use of available carbohydrates in the body.

cedar nuts protein rich in amino acids, most of which are essential to the human body.The most striking of their representative - arginine helps to maintain an optimal level of cholesterol in the blood, helps to normalize the pressure, strengthens the immune system, has a beneficial effect on connective tissues, as well as hindering the process of formation of blood clots.All this, of course, is very important for diabetics.

great benefit of the product is associated with the presence in its structure of vitamin B6, which helps to improve the metabolism and the formation of red blood cells.These factors are very important, because, as you know, very often with diabetes mellitus developing arteriosclerosis.Such components

pine nuts, such as zinc, chromium, and polyunsaturated fatty acids are useful for the prevention of diabetes.So this product is useful to include in your diet all people without exception.

beneficial effects on the human body and also provides linoleic acid, which stimulates the regeneration, normalizes blood pressure and improves blood circulation.And contained in cedar nuts, fiber helps all of these components does not irritate the stomach.Features


Pine nuts - this is certainly not a panacea for diabetes, but that this product does not allow the disease to progress, certain doubts remain.But in spite of all the benefits of cedar nuts, do not abuse them.So, a day is enough to eat about forty nuts.