Sorrel in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 June 2016

Patients with diabetes is difficult to choose a diet, because, in spite of, in general, the same disease, the diet must be strictly individual.So, if you want to put into your diet at least once for a new dish or a product, you first talk about it with you watching specialist.

During summer, like to try as much as possible green.The body weakened over the winter and require recovery of useful substances, which have been pretty lost.So, for example, it is possible to want to rip straight from the garden and eat a leaf of sorrel, and then immediately there is a problem - is it possible?

What Constitutes sorrel?

Sorrel has a mass of all kinds of minerals and vitamins, without which the body, in general, difficult to manage.It can find magnesium, boron, molybdenum, nickel, zinc, potassium, titanium and other complex vitamins too rich.Sorrel contains large amounts of carbohydrates, chlorophyll and various acid - citric, malic, and of course oxalic.

It turns out that in addition to the fact that sorrel e

nriches the body with plenty of all kinds of substances, it simultaneously increases the acidity.However, it is able to reduce the level of sorrel blood sugar to normal.In addition, if we turn to traditional medicine directories, sorrel is found in many cases as a tool for the preparation of infusions that help reduce sugar.

Can I have sorrel in diabetes?

Given the composition of sorrel and its possible effects on the body, it is considered that the dock for any form of diabetes can eat, and even without any restrictions.However, along with this, given the high acidity of the plant, it should also be noted that in some cases a large number sorrel can harm.When

use sorrel in diabetes adversely affected?

As a rule, patients with diabetes have available not only a serious disease.Parallel to this, they can manifest renal disease, digestive tract, colon and stomach, which will realize at high acidity can cause some failure.

It turns out that the use of sorrel, as well as any other plant for diabetic patients should be individualized.Someone he could eat as much as your appetite allows, while others have a little limited.

Happy one anyway - you can dock all, even a little!This means that you can pluck sorrel straight from the garden and washing it with water - there is just raw.You can cook a variety of soups with the addition of sorrel can be used in the preparation of various salads, add the filling for pies.

Only here the doctor's advice in any case be avoided.Before the use of sorrel (a doctor you are unlikely to forbid it to eat) you need to know exactly the permissible daily volume of eaten plants are particularly in your case.And knowing his rule is easier to control your appetite, or, as they say, "had a ball!"