Aspic with gastritis

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02 June 2016

Gastritis - a disease which is now becoming more common.Like any other illness, it requires not only careful adherence of the day, taking medication, but sticking to the therapeutic diet.

special diet for gastritis

are two types of this disease.The first - with high acidity.In this case, the power menu patient should be formed so that the process of chemical and mechanical damage of the stomach was completely eliminated.

second subtype of the disease - with low acidity.In this case, strictly forbidden to eat foods that may cause mechanical damage to the patient's body.

Roughly speaking, depending on the type of gastritis require different types of diets, each of which contains a list of specific permitted or prohibited products.And that is allowed to use for gastritis with high acidity, it is not recommended to eat at a low acidity.

Aspic gastritis

As for brawn in this type of disease, the majority of physicians are inclined to believe that in moderation it can be used at low pH, but under cert

ain conditions.

First of all, the dish should be prepared from the lean meats.In addition, be sure to jelly in the cooking process must be repeatedly filtered and drained so that it has turned out with minimal fat, but it was strong.To speed up the process of thickening is allowed to add a small amount of gelatin.And the most important condition - in moderation.You should not eat jelly frequently.It is only one or two times a week.Naturally, in the course of acute disease administered in the diet of this kind of food is strictly prohibited.

But as acidity, when this type of gastritis jelly drink is not recommended.Moreover, most of gastroenterologists think that this ingredient should be excluded from the diet completely.

aspic What are the benefits?

However, some doctors advocate the position that the jelly is extremely useful to the body, even in the presence of such serious diseases as gastritis.This is due to the fact that in the aspic includes mucopolysaccharides.It is unique in its composition of matter that is saturated with the dish in the cooking process.Their value lies in the fact that they are perfectly profilaktiruet diseases of the joints, heart, blood vessels.In addition, these agents help to significantly strengthen the immune system.Therefore, experts recommend highly active product comprise in their diets, even if there is such a widespread disease as gastritis, wherein both the first and second type.

Most experts still agree that in all observe the "golden mean."Therefore abusing this dish even with all its usefulness is not necessary anyway.