Aspic with diabetes mellitus

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 June 2016

Despite the fact that diabetes - a serious illness, the consequences of which are unpredictable, patients often want to eat any particular product or dish.On this subject, nutritionists and, of course, physicians give a lot of warnings, but all do not remember, and fight their desires at a time when the sick are particularly difficult!

Most diabetics want to try any kind of "fatty" dishes of pork, well, for example, jelly.Let's find out what it considers the medicine and whether to listen to this.

Can you eat jelly with diabetes mellitus?

Aspic prepared independently, in the cooking process involves a heat treatment - cooking.After boiling the meat and the resulting broth during cooking and so cool, in fact, formed the dish.

boiled meat, in principle, prohibited in small proportions, but fatty meats eaten in diabetes is not worth it, especially since he and broth contains large amounts of fat, which, in fact, be harmful.Therefore, jelly, of course, there can be in small quantities, it is necessary

only to cook meat, which refers to the "low-fat" varieties.

It can be chicken, beef, rabbit, turkey, veal.But brawn, cooked meat goose, lamb, pork, duck, it will be too saturated fats to cook it for diabetics.Use of this brawn, even once, and in a small amount is required to lead to failure, will cause a change in blood sugar and bad state of health of the patient, better to say, even attack.

How to eat jelly in diabetes?

I do not need to explain that if some kind of jellied meat you can eat, then there is a dish you need, when you want and nemerenoe number.No!Despite the fact that little "lean" aspic can eat, and it is literally about 80 grams, it is also possible to have not at any time.

This jelly is served for breakfast.For dinner, even a kind of aspic some may be contraindicated, but after dinner, jelly and all should be excluded from the diet of the patient.

warning about the use of any kind of aspic

Everything that is written in this article, can not be attributed to all the periods of the disease.Diabetes mellitus - too serious a disease for each patient to give the same type of recommendation.

Despite the fact that the disease seems to be alone, she takes all quite differently.It turns out that, using one and the same product (dish), and the number of authorized, one patient may not adversely react to it, on the contrary, after its use at it improves not only health but also mood.At that time, when the other person, which even the stage of the disease is not as serious will feel bad, perhaps even require hospitalization!

therefore possible to specifically you eat even "low-fat" jelly or not, the doctor may recommend, independent decision in this case could not be taken!