Kefir with pancreatitis

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02 June 2016

Dieting is the most important point in the treatment of pancreatitis.Its main point - the exclusion of all foods that increase acid production in the stomach and provoke active pancreas.The first couple days after an acute attack, doctors recommend completely abandon meals, limiting himself to only drink alkaline mineral water.From

allowed dairy excellent dietary means is yogurt.Almost without a limitation in the application, it supplies the human body a large number of valuable substances.In addition, for patients with pancreatitis is an important source of animal protein that is easily digested and daily required for normal operation of pancreatic enzymes.It can be applied in the first days after suffering a seizure, because the calming effect of the product contributes to the further recovery.Calcium is located in the yogurt has a more favorable effect than the one that is in cow's milk.Moreover, various microorganisms are contained in the milk product, contribute to the normalization of the intes

tinal microflora and improvement of its operation.

However, those who suffer from inflammation of the pancreas, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations for its use, and in any case not to disturb them.

Kefir during chronic and acute pancreatitis

use this milk product 10 days after the attack of 50 ml.It should be oil (1% fat).In case of further good compatibility with other products and noticeable improvement of the patient is permitted to increase the number of milliliters to 150 - 200 per day.It is recommended to drink yogurt at bedtime for 30-60 minutes, as it will replace the patient perenagruzhat dinner and digestive system.Night reception preferred by the fact that at this time of day calcium is best absorbed by the human body.

Kefir in remission pancreatitis

If the patient well-being and appetite, then it is allowed to consume yogurt fat content of 2.5%.However, it should maintain a portion of a volume of 200 ml, so as not to cause acidification in the stomach contents, the development of fermentation processes or undesirable irritation of the mucous membranes.

At this stage, the disease can use yogurt, and as a separate dish, and as a dressing for vegetable or fruit salad, boiled noodles.Today the store has not only the yogurt, and a variety of biokefir Bifilife and which are also suitable for the diet.

yogurt with buckwheat

use this recipe with buttermilk helps clean the pancreas.In the evening should pour 1 cup of raw buckwheat fresh yogurt.During the night, buckwheat must insist, and in the morning you need to drink half of the dishes prepared before breakfast and the other half - 2 hours before bedtime.Treatment generally lasts two weeks.

chicken salad with yogurt and cheese

This salad is very easy to prepare, delicious and safe in remission for patients with pancreatitis.For its preparation will need chicken, Adygei cheese (100 g), dill (50 g), yogurt (3 tbsp. Tablespoons), salt.First breast boiled for at least 30 minutes.At this time, the dill finely chopped and mashed into the fray (on salad) cheese.Ready breast must be cut into small pieces and mix with cheese.Cooked dish dressed with yogurt, mesh and slightly prisalivaem.This salad - a nourishing source of easily digestible animal protein.