Yogurt with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 June 2016

Pancreatitis unites once a number of inflammatory processes occurring in the human pancreas that trigger its self-destruction.Furthermore, during the destruction of the pancreas is an emission of harmful substances into the blood system, which contributes to damage and malfunction and other organs.In many ways, the course of pancreatitis affects food.In this regard, it is important to be sensitive to your diet and consider each individual product in the light of the disease.This story will tell you more about the yogurt.It should immediately be noted that most doctors speak positively about this product in the diet of patients with pancreatitis.

principles eating yogurt with pancreatitis

  • during the acute course of the disease from eating yogurt must be abandoned completely.
  • After the transition of the disease in the subacute stage (usually one to two weeks after exacerbation) must be the gradual introduction of yogurt in the daily diet: low fat (1%) and small portions - 100 ml in the first week af
    ter acute and beyond 200ml prior to the stable remission.
  • In remission, be used more fat yogurt (up 3.5%) and no quantity limit.
  • Preferably buy natural yogurt without unnecessary additives and fillers, including without pieces of fruit / fruit flavor - you can add them yourself.

Benefits of eating yogurt with pancreatitis

  • Yogurt, being a natural supplier of animal protein, promotes regeneration of cells of the pancreas.This action is enhanced by the fact that yogurt is well absorbed by the human body.
  • Yogurt contributes to the prevention and treatment of dysbiosis, which is very important due to the release of toxins associated with the destruction of the pancreas.
  • Yogurt has a strong tonic effect on the human body, strengthening its immunity, which generally affects positively on the health of the patient.
  • Yogurt has a pronounced ability to break down lactose, which is very important for pancreatitis, which is often accompanied by laktozonedostatochnostyu.
  • beneficial bacteria contained in yogurt composition identical to the natural beneficial bacteria living in the gut.This minimizes adverse effects on the gastrointestinal tract with activation of inflammatory processes in the human pancreas.
  • Yogurt improves metabolism, which becomes the prevention of constipation, which can be a factor provoking exacerbation pancreatitis.

Thus, yogurt showed himself as one of the most useful products in the dietary pancreatitis.And it should be a mandatory component of the diet of the patient, because it is not only a preventive, but also moderate therapeutic agent.