Figure pancreatitis

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02 June 2016

People suffering from pancreatitis, have to undergo certain restrictions in food.But along with the list of banned products, the use of which in the diagnosis of pancreatitis is strictly prohibited, and there are those that must necessarily be present in the diet of patients with this disease.One of these products, essential in diet, is rice.Let us see what is the use of this product for people suffering from pancreatitis and what are the characteristics of its use.

Rice and acute pancreatitis

in the diet of patients with acute pancreatitis, allowed to eat rice on the second day from the moment of the corresponding diagnosis.First on the menu is entered, the liquid rice porridge boiled water to dilute the milk, without adding to its ingredients such as sugar, salt and butter.After a few days the diet should appear rice soup on low-fat chicken broth, and at the end of the first month of the patient is permitted to enrich their menus meatballs with rice and a variety of puddings, prepared on the basis

of rice grains.It should be noted that for the preparation of these foods must be used exclusively white milled rice that is on the background of all the other varieties of this culture faster and easier to of cooking.

Use rice to patients with acute pancreatitis

What kind of benefit bears eating rice for people suffering from acute pancreatitis?

  • With viscous consistency, rice porridge and rice soup firmly envelop the stomach wall without irritating at the same time its mucous.
  • rice grains are well assimilated and easily digested, making this product when used on damaged pancreas lies minimum load.
  • Rice - an excellent sorbent, which is like a sponge absorbs a variety of toxins and promotes their excretion from the body naturally.
  • As part of rice noted an increased amount of carbohydrates, which are an excellent source of energy that the body needs to recuperate.A large proportion of all the carbohydrates contained in rice accounts for complex carbohydrates fissile gradually.Because of this, eating rice can be a long time to provide the body the necessary amount of energy to it.
  • Rice has a fixing effect, which is of great importance to eliminate the diarrhea is a frequent companion of acute pancreatitis.

Rice and chronic pancreatitis

Despite all the benefits that brings an eating rice during acute pancreatitis, this product is not recommended often included in the diet for people suffering from a chronic form of the disease.With what it is connected?

  • composition Belov polished rice rather poor, the proportion of nutrients in this product is insignificant, but because frequent use of rice grains impoverishes the diet of the patient.
  • unpolished brown rice, which is the number of members of the useful components is far ahead of his white fellow, dressed in a rather coarse bran shell, and therefore allowed to use it in rare cases and only when stable remission of the disease.
  • If a patient with chronic pancreatitis observed constipation, the figure will only aggravate the situation.

Features use

All of these factors are by no means an indication for total exclusion of rice from the diet.It is absolutely safe product, which is not able to provoke an aggravation of pancreatitis.In order to enrich its useful components, as well as to neutralize the effect of fixing it is recommended to serve it in combination with fresh vegetables or as a side dish to lean meat or fish.Figure refillable butter or vegetable oil, yogurt, which will undoubtedly increase its nutritional value.