Buckwheat with yogurt: benefits and harms

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 June 2016

incorrect and unbalanced diet leads to disruption of the digestive process and the accumulation of various toxins.Restore work of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as rid the body of harmful substances will help a great dish as buckwheat with yogurt.

Product use

It's no secret that the buckwheat and kefir, having a high nutritional value, are of great benefit to the human body.And in tandem with each other, these products provide a double beneficial effect.

What is so good buckwheat with yogurt?

Buckwheat - the main nutritional ingredient that enriches the body mass of useful and necessary for him substances and yogurt helps cleanse the intestines of the remaining undigested food and waste products.Buckwheat kernels, like broom clean the intestinal wall, while the yogurt is organizing a full excretion of waste generated.

This useful properties of buckwheat with yogurt does not end there.So, among other things, these products have the following beneficial effects:

  • Promotes restoration of opti
    mal balance of nutrients.
  • Normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the stomach.
  • stimulates the pancreas and liver.
  • Display the accumulated toxins and wastes.
  • Restores moisture balance.
  • prevents the development of decay processes in the body.

Benefits Power

Experienced nutritionists recommend eat buckwheat with yogurt for breakfast, as it is on an empty stomach, you can maximize the effectiveness of bowel cleansing.Feel the benefit of this dish can already after a few weeks of regular use in his morning meal.What is the advantage of such power?

  • and buckwheat, and yogurt are among the most common foods are not different from the rest of their high cost.Moreover, they can be purchased in every grocery store.
  • Both products have a wealth of chemical composition, having a huge amount of valuable nutrients.At the use of fasting diet automatically becomes more balanced.
  • Eating buckwheat with yogurt, you can at the same time, they say, to "kill" two birds with one stone - improve the body and lose a few excess kilos.
  • For maximum effect it is recommended to supplement breakfast of buckwheat and kefir cup of green tea, which also clears the body perfectly.

buckwheat and kefir, as a means to achieve a beautiful figure

In modern times a great number of people seeking to find common parameters of the figure.Buckwheat and low-fat yogurt can help in this difficult matter!All that is necessary for this method of losing weight - it's three times a day for a week to eat buckwheat kefir.It is important to exclude additional ingredients such as sugar, salt, butter and spices.In one month you can lose 6-7 kg of excess.

Features cooking

Buckwheat (100 g) should be washed under running water and place in a deep bowl.Pour buckwheat low-fat yogurt (100 ml), cover the container with a lid and leave overnight at room temperature.In the morning, opening the pot, we find a soft swollen buckwheat which is visually, and the taste is virtually identical to cooked.

harm buckwheat with yogurt

As with any product, the use of buckwheat and kefir need to know when to stop, otherwise you can harm the body.So, using buckwheat and kefir for a long time, you can earn stomach cramps.Especially do not abuse these products for people suffering from diabetes, chronic renal failure, increased acidity of the stomach.Because kefir is inherent laxative effect, it is not necessary in large quantities include in your diet for people who have enough loose bowels.

Harm from yogurt and buckwheat will be also in the event that those products are of poor quality, for example, due to the fact that their expired shelf life or violated the rules of storage.