Sour cream with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 June 2016

Dairy products, especially cream are good for health!Sour cream can be used in the preparation of many dishes.The product contains large amounts of calcium, milk fat, protein, differs high content of vitamins and minerals.

only sour cream, especially homemade along with the positive characteristics has a negative side.The most important of them is that the sour cream in any case can not be attributed to dietary dishes, as much milk product has too high-calorie and high fat content!Given this, and the question arises whether it is possible to use the cream in the presence of pancreatitis?

Smetana and pancreatitis Pancreatitis

- a serious illness resulting in the human body is not just exhausted, and completely "squeezed like a lemon."Patients need to recuperate, and the moment came when sitting on a strict diet and ever limit yourself to eating people are simply unable to.It is in this case, when a person falls into a full extreme doctor more often and allows to include in your diet at least a littl

e sour cream, and immediately stipulates that cream should be used only in minimum quantities!

When a person is, in principle, normally metabolizes dietary food and it replaces substances that can give sour cream, using other products, then the doctor will never allow to eat even a small portion of sour cream, justifying his decision by saying that it is absolutely not necessary.

aggravation of pancreatitis

At that time, when there is an exacerbation of pancreatitis, the pancreas undergoes an even greater burden.At such moments, even a teaspoon of sour cream is strictly prohibited!The product will certainly provoke new attacks.

eat sour cream with pancreatitis or not?

If pancreatitis at any stage of the disease it is impossible to figure out on their own, you can eat exactly the cream or not.Often, even doctors find it difficult to clearly prohibit and, as in this disease sour cream can be a serious push, and then most of the treatment will take place in vain!So when the patient problems with a chair, and the tests are bad, and the system of the digestive system fails, the doctor never allowed to eat sour cream with pancreatitis.

Even if the cream and allowed to enter into the diet, we should not rejoice too, because the body can react unpredictably.Therefore, you must use only fat-free foods and eat at the first times not more than a teaspoon!Thus it is necessary to carefully monitor the shelf life and the composition of sour cream.If the product is made only on the basis of cream, milk and leaven, it can be used.In the presence of other components, for example, thickeners or any preservatives is better to abandon this cream.

Considering all the nuances, pancreatitis patients must understand for themselves one thing - to decide independently on the use of cream, they can not, therefore, without the knowledge of the physician does not need to rush to extremes!