Can the dumplings and manta rays in gastritis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 June 2016

First of all, I want to say about this dish - a little-known the mantle of novice cooks.This product consists of meat and dough - dumplings are somewhat similar to dumplings.By its nature, this product came to us from the eastern countries, namely Asia.Make dumplings, not only in Asia but also in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

similarity of this dish is prepared in Kazakhstan, mainly a national cooking.A similar dish is made and Siberian peoples, even in Korea and Mongolia, China.Manta in these countries do not only family to their home, but also in large restaurants and small retail stores.

What is gastritis?

Let's first analyze what gastritis.It is a disease that can change the mucous membrane of your stomach.This concept is used to define various inflammations.Defeat infectious.

mainly excreted two basic forms - chronic and acute gastritis.Yet there is also an alcoholic gastritis.It occurs when a person consumes large amounts of alcohol.Atrophic gastritis seen in people less than 30 years of age.

Can I eat delicious dumplings?

Can I eat dumplings with gastritis?And why not, the main thing right preparation.We all know that gastritis does not like salty, fried and spicy.If your ravioli or dumplings steamed and do not have a large amount of sharpness, of course, they can pamper yourself, but do not do it every day, because this food is considered to be difficult and painful stomach is difficult to digest.

question then is, perhaps, that it is necessary first to cure gastritis, and then can be fatty and delicious dumplings, but with pepper.But first, a little to receive medical treatment or eliminate your gastritis.And how to do it, we will prompt you.

recipe from gastritis

Every morning before you sit down to breakfast, to drink a sip of a simple cold, clean water.This is to ensure that your stomach awoke from slumber and began to work.During the day on an empty stomach 2-3 times you should drink 1 tablespoon of olive oil, but no more.

Olive oil should not be dark or give bitterly when making.Taking oil for two weeks, you will feel better.The oil, if desired, can be taken within 2 months.Olive oil is not harmful to your health.

There is another way to treat gastritis.You can do self massage.Feel for your stomach with your fingers, but not much, squeezing region, the feeling during a massage should bring a pleasant sensation, not pain in the stomach.In the stomach should be a small amount of food.When you feel a pleasant feeling for you, it means you treat yourself, and do not bring harm to yourself.

method at high acidity

Take one tablespoon of honey bees, with a glass of water and unheated honey dip into the water, stir until completely dissolved.You need to drink a half two hours before eating.This procedure must be prodelyvat three or four times a day for one glass.Propyl need at least two months and a half.When you'll pass the course of treatment, are contraindicated other sweets.