Can the soup with pancreatitis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 June 2016

Causes of pancreatitis can be very different.This overeating, drinking alcohol in large quantities, and even pregnancy.Patients with pancreatitis have to avoid eating, and certain foods altogether excluded from the diet.This applies to the borsch of acidic foods.For example, sorrel and sauerkraut generally contraindicated in pancreatitis.This also applies to frying, which is used in cooking.

Use borscht with pancreatitis

When inflammation of the pancreas to exclude fatty nourishing borscht, cabbage soup from the diet.Cooking meals is recommended that all liquid water or diluted broth of chicken or rabbit only way boiled vegetables, no fried ingredients.You can also use to prepare food diet turkey broth and beef.Moderate savory, and the complete exclusion of pepper also gives its results in the treatment.Balancing proper nutrition can affect the healing process, and even suspend the development of the disease.

Vegetarian borscht will be an excellent solution in the daily diet.They are prepared only

on the water and with vegetables.Only by adhering to proper diet, you can spend prophylaxis for pancreatic cancer, and for the organism as a whole, as well as lead to the detection of the disease has a rapid method of healing with minimal risk to health.Take all recommended dishes in a warm, slightly warmed form.Hot food irritates the mucous membrane of the pancreas and may cause heartburn.

Methods for preparing borsch with pancreatitis

Let's see if you can eat borscht with pancreatitis and, if possible, what?Consider the borscht recipe of fresh cabbage.As is known, this product is not recommended for use in patients to pancreatitis.Ordinary cabbage can be replaced Peking and the dish will not only suitable for food, but also useful.Instead of frying, and tomato paste using steamed vegetables (tomatoes, onions, carrots).

This method is suitable for the preparation of borscht with beets.Potatoes boiled in water and add the steamed vegetables with beets, so it does not lose all its useful properties, and the broth will then be quite tasty and rich.Beetroot soup should be consumed in small portions, in addition to nutrients even beet has increased laxative effect, and violation of the chair is not desirable for pancreatitis.

also can be used in the preparation of the next pancreatitis soup.In vegetable oil to dip carrots, onions and celery, tomato paste instead take the tomatoes and add to the other vegetables.The small amount of water to boil the sweet pepper, cabbage, zucchini and beet tops.Steamed and boiled vegetables mixed together and add the right amount of fluid is moderately salt and boil for a few minutes.After turn off the stove and let stand for a while, then pour the soup into a bowl and allow to cool, in the form of heat to use.