Is it possible dates for pancreatitis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 June 2016

As part of dates contains a lot of elements that are vital to the human body.Because of nutritional value and benefits of dates treated by a number of serious diseases, but whether this refers to those who have problems with the pancreas?

Eating dates in the acute phase of pancreatitis

Dates are renowned for their remarkable properties, but despite this, their use is possible only after a stable positive dynamics come.If you use them in the acute phase of the disease, it is possible to encounter a number of unpleasant consequences.

So, there will be a violation of glucose metabolism, starts fermentation in the intestine and subsequent strong bloating, pain, frothy liquid stool.Roughage dates capable provoke intestinal colic.

At this stage of the disease dates may be used in a shabby composed jelly, mousses, jellies or compotes.In this case, dried fruit will have a positive effect on the body, a reduction in prostate swelling, decrease the synthesis of the components of gastric juice.

Eating dates at the stage of remission

In case the disease is complicated by the lack of insulin production, then in step remission dates can be used in dried form.They are also allowed to be added in the preparation of various dishes.The healing properties of this event will be shown in the form of antiparasitic and antimicrobial activity.Dried

will actively deal with involutive and inflammatory processes, as well as malignant cells.At the stage of remission dates has a mild hypnotic and antidepressant effect.The use of 10 dates (no more!) Of the patients body will enrich its daily dose of sulfur, copper and magnesium.Why

of dates had such a cautious attitude on the part of the doctors, because this dried fruit has dozens of useful features?The reason is the high content of fructose and sucrose in these fruits.These components lead to an increase in blood glucose level, which is undesirable during disease.Do not forget that the injury to the pancreas is not able to develop the required amount of insulin.


Thus, we can conclude that on the dates for pancreatitis should not impose a strict ban, the main thing to observe certain rules for their use.Thus, at the stage of exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis the number of dates that you can include in the diet is determined individually.

At stable remission can eat no more than 10 dates, but you do not have to be obese.For patients suffering from acute pancreatitis, the number of dates calculated by the attending physician.Thus it will be possible to use them only in step dietary rehabilitation.

In any case, before you eat at least one date, check with your doctor in order not to expose the damaged pancreas excessive load.