Zephyr pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 June 2016

integral component of effective treatment of pancreatitis is to comply with a special medical diet, but not enough simply to strictly follow the recommendations on diet, you should also try to diversify their menus within the permissible limits.

terms of clinical nutrition sweets traditionally are among the harmful products, but many patients do not imagine my life without them and sweet desserts such could be an excellent way to diversify boring and ordinary diet, which must be observed in the diagnosis pancreatitis.

Among the few delicacies that are permitted to use with the illness, and marshmallow notes.The main components of the sweetness are proteins, sugar and thickening agents.

Use marshmallow

Amidst all confectionery marshmallows different low calorie.In addition, due to the content of vitamins, minerals, pectin and protein intake marshmallow promises some benefit to the patient.Thus, a protein necessary for the recovery and grade of the pancreas, and pectin, which is in the marshmallow i

s often used as a thickening agent, facilitates cleansing of the intestines of accumulated toxins.

Zephyr and acute pancreatitis

When the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis marshmallows strictly prohibited.This is due to the large presence of sugar in the sweets, which produces increased stress on the pancreas.Eating marshmallows, you can make the painful spasms in the intestines and abdominal distension.Abandon this sweetness is necessary even if it is made of a sweetener because it includes also noted an increased amount of refined carbohydrates.

Zephyr and chronic pancreatitis

After a few months after the attacks of pancreatitis patients with this disease, provided their well-being can enrich your diet usual bisque white marshmallows.The particular timing of administration of the sweets in the patient menu should be determined by the attending physician individually in each case.

Start with halves articles a day, and in the absence of negative reaction on the part of the body you can eat later in the day for a couple zefirinok during the day.At the same time forbidden to use marshmallows, which included marked harmful food additives, as well as nuts or chocolate icing.

Useful tips

When selecting marshmallow should always pay attention to the conditions of storage of sweets.Thus, a natural product, the preparation of which no preservatives are used, has a short shelf life.The fact that its foundation presented with sugar whipped egg whites, is an ideal environment for the life of dangerous bacteria in violation of conditions of storage of this delicacy.Neglecting this aspect of the marshmallow choice can significantly harm the body.