Lean fish with pancreatitis

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02 June 2016

part of the diet of most people is the fish, which contains less useful omega acids.Is it possible to include this product in the menus of people who suffer from pancreatitis?

on what fish to pay attention for pancreatitis?

pancreatitis distinguishing feature is that while it is not always possible to use the desired product.This example relates to fish.Not every variety of useful product may be present in the menu of people with pancreatitis.The reason is the amount of fat present in the fish.

Some people have made up a misconception about eating fatty fish species during disease pancreatitis.Polyunsaturated fats are included in its composition, able to adjust fat metabolism, leading to a decrease in cholesterol and unhealthy fats.But it is worth considering that this is possible only if you are absolutely healthy body.In the case of inflammation of the pancreas fatty fish will load only the diseased organ.During pancreatitis allowed to eat only low-fat varieties of fish.

selection of fish with pa

lean fish is divided into 2 categories - lean and moderately greasy.Fish has a fat content of the first category, that does not exceed 4%.The second category is a little fattier fish - 8%.But at the same time it is also allowed to have no more than 1 time per week.

Lean varieties of fish you can include in your diet, a week after the start of exacerbation of chronic or acute pancreatitis.At the stage of remission of the disease, if the condition is normalized and achieved stable laboratory parameters, in your diet, you can enter the fish moderately fat varieties.Its difference is more bright and smooth taste.

It should be borne in mind that in the diet of patients with pancreatitis, nevertheless, must prevail low-fat varieties of fish.Its use does not carry any risk for inflammation of the pancreas, on the contrary, it will benefit the patient body.It is important to observe the rules of cooking fish.Experts recommend cooking lean fish steamed or boiled it.About to fry or bake the fish can not even out of the question.

Minimum fat (1%) is present in marine fish (saffron cod, pollock, cod, whiting) and perch.Indicator fat walleye, flounder, carp, roach varies between 1-2%.A little fatter (2-4%), sea bass, carp, trout, herring, hake and lean.

Please note that the fat content of the fish have a great deal of attention during the catch, and the age of the catch.However, doctors still recommend to stop their attention on the above varieties of fish.

index moderately fat fish fat varieties ranges from 8%.This should include the pink salmon, carp, river and sea bream, smelt, salmon, catfish, ide and so on. D.

How useful lean fish with pancreatitis?

protein present in lean fish is easier to digest than protein found in meat.This fact is very important for those who have inflamed pancreas.The presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids in fish have a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body.Due

lean fish composition is present in the diet of people with various diseases, including those who treat the pancreas.This low-fat fish improves the general condition of the body, relieving people from such problems as beriberi.In lean fish meat protein is present the highest quality.It includes all of those amino acids that are vital for the body of any person.