Dairy products with pancreatitis

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02 June 2016

Dairy products are among the most fortunately, the majority of people eat them every day.They contain, among other nutrients much animal protein and calcium that are required by the human body to function properly.However, in some cases, for example, a patient with pancreatitis should be carefully monitor their diet.So it is permissible to use milk and its derivatives for pancreatitis?

acute form of the disease and the period of acute pancreatitis, chronic form

During the peak of an acute attack of consumption of dairy products should be avoided completely.Introducing her begin about the third day after the attack, depending on the patient's condition.First introduced sparse porridge, cooked on low-fat milk, which also has been diluted with water in a ratio of one to one.

After about 5 days into the diet begin to add low fat cottage cheese.Initial dose it is not more than 40-50 g, this amount is gradually brought to 100 g per day.At the same time, the menu can vary based on a steam omelette diluted


If the healing process goes well, somewhere in 2 weeks, you can start adding butter (up to 5 g) in cereals and other foods, yogurt fat content of 1% (initial dose is a quarter cup, then gradually bring the volume ofProduct to 1 cup).Such a diet with no acute attacks kept for 50-70 days.

remission of the chronic form of the disease

fat content of dairy products used for pancreatitis should not be higher than 2.5%.Among them may be present in the diet of yogurt, fermented baked milk, bifidok yogurt.These products are allowed to be mixed with berries, fruit puree, sugar and honey.You can add a menu with low-fat yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese.The daily dose of butter is less than 10 g, it is used in cooking cereals and purees.In consultation with your doctor, you can vary the menu, adding a soft mild cheese varieties.During the period of stable remission is possible to use low-fat (10% less) sour cream or cream as part of various dishes.However, their daily dose should not be more than 1 large spoon.

pancreatitis patients at all stages of the disease are prohibited to eat ice cream, smoked and processed cheeses, and cheese with a sharp flavor, sweetened condensed whole milk.It is not recommended to eat foods prefabrication with the addition of various flavoring agents, dyes, fragrances, flavors, and other chemicals.

individual dairy pancreatitis

With good endurance milk this product in a diluted form may be present in the diet of patients with chronic pancreatitis, except for the period of exacerbation.It is advisable not to use the milk separately and as part of other dishes - soups, cereals, puree, jelly and other.Abandon it is necessary if the patient is diarrhea or bloating.

Serum for good nutrition of patients with pancreatitis.This product has the rich composition, wherein there are practically no fat.Serum can be added to the buckwheat porridge and other dishes, and you can drink it separately.

Dairy products are very important for the body as a source of protein, and probiotics.With regular use of these products normal intestinal microflora, however, pancreatitis should pay attention to the fat content (you can only have products with low fat or fat-free) and quality.You can not buy expired or suspicious products.

Dairy cereals are introduced into the diet of the patient within a few days after the attack.Typically, their preparation are selected such grains as buckwheat, rice or oatmeal.In the first few times it is recommended to use diluted milk, with good endurance of cereals in the future it can be replaced with undiluted.Showing

to eat with pancreatitis and milk soups with the addition of cereals and vegetables.In their preparation can be used as the less salt.You can add the butter in allowable amounts.