Lentils with pancreatitis

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01 June 2016

pancreatitis patients need to follow a strict diet.Very often excluded from it products, which contain crude fiber, as they irritate.These products include all beans, but one of their kind is so useful that in remission for pancreatitis it is recommended to include in the diet.It lentils.

Useful properties lentils

This plant used to be very popular.It is widely used in cooking different people.In recent years, more and more often to be found in the sale of lentils, but not everyone knows what it is useful:

  • in lentils have a lot of fiber, which stimulates digestion, cleanses the body and enhances the metabolism;
  • it contains a lot of folic acid and iron;
  • is a source of easily digestible protein;
  • this product is referred to as dietary because it is low in fat, but there are essential fatty acids;
  • in lentils have substances that prevent the growth of cancer tumors;
  • it is a source of tryptophan, which helps with nervous disorders and depression;
  • contains many essential amino acids, vitamins and

How to eat lentils with pancreatitis?

In acute course of illness and exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis lentils contraindicated because rough dietary fibers increase the motility of the digestive system and require vigorous activity of secretory glands for your digestion.Lentils can cause bloating, cramping and abdominal pain.Include it in the diet only during the period of stable remission.You start with a teaspoon, if not observed discomfort, the portion can be increased.What other rules must be followed to the use of lentils in pancreatitis has not brought harm?

  • best used to supply these patients with red lentils - it is easier to fall apart;
  • pancreatitis patients can only eat food from a well-boiled lentils - soups or cereals;
  • include it in the diet should be no more than once a week;
  • after eating lentils if the patient feels pain in the abdomen, bloating or swelling, of the diet should be deleted.

Recipes Lentil

Classic soup

To make it, you need half a cup of red lentils, 1-2 small carrots, 2-3 potatoes, onion and a tablespoon of olive oil or butter.Lentils do not need to be soaked in advance, as it very well fall apart.Bulb must be added to the beginning of cooking whole, and then pulled out.When all the products are soft, they need to grind.You can do it in a blender or rub through a sieve to puree the state.The oil is added in the finished soup.If desired, you can replace potatoes or squash or pumpkin soup Add bell pepper.

lentil cakes

Cooked until tender 200 grams of red lentils rubbed mashed, add egg, a pinch of salt and a spoonful of flour.From the resulting mass is necessary to mold the cake and bake them in the oven.Serve with low-fat cottage cheese or herbs.