Can the dogs with pancreatitis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 June 2016

Sufferers pancreatitis people understand how difficult it is to choose a suitable diet for themselves, and even more difficult to stick to it!Sometimes the product and is not prohibited, but to a specific person in the presence of pancreatitis can not eat it.Why is that?Because pancreatitis triggered by a serious illness, which should not be forgotten!

So before you supplement your diet new dish, do not be lazy to consult a doctor, even if any problems you already like and there, and all the organs are functioning relatively normally.Well, today we will try to expose as detailed as possible the question of whether you can eat hot dogs with pancreatitis?

Pancreatitis and sausages

Medicine and everyone who is no stranger to pancreatitis clearly state that sausages and pancreatitis are incompatible!Let's try to figure out why?

Firstly, the product based on its technology of preparation, does not inspire anything good it is, in principle, any semi-finished product.Of what sausages are made?What fresh

sausage?In what conditions they were prepared and stored?All these questions are unlikely to find the answer is simple layman.Second, the stage of development of pancreatitis in each person, but there is plenty of common contraindications of this serious disease!

The reasons that should be abandoned sausages

  • Sausage - this, of course, tasty product, but they differ in that they are made not on the basis of natural products.Usually sausages contain 70% meat and that its origin can be a long time to talk!This product is definitely harmful for any diseases related to the digestive system, and the work of the pancreas and even more so!According to many, even those who were completely healthy, after constant use of sausage, even high-quality, sooner or later zaimeet digestive problems.
  • Sausages also distinguished by their incredibly delicious taste and aroma, which is achieved solely by adding all sorts of spices and flavor enhancers, and these supplements is just not welcome in pancreatitis.
  • Like it or not, but dogs often slightly salty, it kind of the highlight of their preparation, however, is not suitable for very sick pancreas.

So, if there is still time to analyze, we managed without any research to find at least three reasons, according to which in pancreatitis in no case can not eat hot dogs.If we turn to medicine and scientific research of this product is compatible with pancreatitis, it is safe to say that these reasons will be many more!

Generally if pancreatitis is not even in sausages, as such, in this disease can not eat too much salty food from fatty foods should be avoided altogether, include in the diet of the patient should be extremely fresh ingredients and dishes that are prepared recently.But our dogs under any one of these indicators is clearly not suited!Given all this, collect all the will in a fist and prevented his body from harmful this product!