Peas in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 June 2016

from such a dangerous and widespread diseases of the endocrine system such as diabetes every year umiryaet several million people in different countries.Furthermore, the number of patients is increasing with age.Doctors fear that the growth of patients suffering from diabetes, is rapidly accelerated with each passing month.

reasons for this terrible phenomenon can be called a lot.Chief among them, to everyone's surprise can be called a comfortable accommodation in modern conditions.Every day, people use a huge amount of high-calorie sweet and fatty foods, little exercise and are practically in the open air, and, in addition, often experiencing stress.To protect themselves from the disease under discussion, we must first begin to carefully monitor their diet and carefully selected for the diet products.Today let's talk about one of them - on the peas.

healing properties of peas for diabetics

Diabetes can begin to develop in the first place because of a violation of carbohydrate metabolism.Therefore,

the main objective of the patient to prevent or alleviate the problems of his fortune - to reduce the load on the pancreas.

most active suppliers of energy for our body - it's carbohydrates.They are divided into simple and complex.The first very quickly broken down by passing through the digestive tract, and as a result greatly raise blood sugar levels.But the latter are absorbed slowly (process can take about an hour).It belongs to them and peas with their low glycemic index.He is only 35 points.

In what form to use?

Due to the unique composition of the fruit of discussion and a low glycemic index in diabetes peas can be eaten in many different ways.In the first place - in its raw form by simply selecting from the pea pods and enjoying their juiciness and freshness, the main thing is not to add to them the sugar and any other additional ingredients.If peas dospel, it already is sweet and delicious.Even pods of ripe vegetables are very tasty and in addition:

  • The decoction of the pods.For this, they are crushed and then cooked over low heat for about 2.5-3 hours.To the peas do not lose any of its medicinal properties, it is best for cutting the pods do not use the knife.You can just smash their hands.When the broth is ready, it will need to cool down, and then taken orally without additives.In this case, on the reception dose is best to consult with your doctor.
  • add the meat soup.Of peas can be cooked very tasty and healthy soup.The basis of his becoming beef broth, then added in a dish of fresh or frozen peas.Of course, the latter is best used only in winter, but in spring and summer as possible to prepare dishes made with fresh peas.
  • in the form of porridge.This hearty and healthy dishes using some seasonings can be safe and still very tasty.Interestingly, in a lot of mess argenina, the effect of which can be compared with insulin.

On the question of whether you can eat peas to people suffering from diabetes, all doctors are uniquely answer "yes."Use it not only possible but also necessary and to do so is allowed without any restrictions on the number.

The pea grain of the large quantity of vitamins and mineral substances to the human body.Including rare minerals, beta-carotene, vitamin H, A, PP and others.

But on calorie fruit peas superior to many other vegetables just 1.5 times.