Barley pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 June 2016

Pancreatitis - a very terrible disease that is often associated with exacerbations.To avoid this, you should pay attention to the signals sent by the body and carefully observe all the medical prescriptions.The most important remedy for such diseases as pancreatitis remains a diet.Through attentive to your diet, you can achieve recovery of the pancreas.

Use barley pancreatitis

The fact that barley is beneficial to the human body with inflamed pancreas, no doubt.If pancreatitis can be used not only barley but also a decoction of it.Thanks to this drink a chance to get rid of the problems of the digestive organs becomes higher.

decoction of barley is renowned for its emollient and enveloping effect.It is especially good for those who in addition to suffering from pancreatitis-related diseases of the genitourinary system, liver and gall bladder.

Benefit is able to provide even the water that was used for soaking barley.The water is such a substance as a gordetsin which has antibiotic properties.Do no

t rush to pour the water after soaking barley, it might be useful for the treatment of skin diseases having a fungal origin.

If you are at the stage of acute pancreatitis, you will need as soon as possible to include in the menu boiled barley porridge.It differs enveloping, antibacterial, diuretic, blood-purifying, tonic properties.

All this indicates that barley - a real fount of useful properties.The diet of a person suffering from pancreatitis should vary with the variety.The composition must contain both plant and animal products and barley must be present in the menu of a patient with an inflamed pancreas.To barley porridge has not lost its taste, eat it hot.Otherwise, you will lose many of its beneficial properties.

Recommendations for cooking barley pancreatitis

To prepare not only useful but also delicious barley porridge of people with pancreatitis should follow some guidelines.So, first of all you need to wash rump, and it must be done not once, but several.Only then it can shift in the pan, where it will cook porridge.

washed pearl barley will need to fill with cold water and leave to soak overnight.To prepare the porridge should pay attention to proportion.So, to 1 cup barley need to take 1 liter of water.Replace the water is allowed to sour.In this case, the cereal would have a delicate texture.

morning after soaking pearl barley will need to fill with milk, pre-heated to 40 ° C.Barley porridge is desirable to cook in a water bath for about 6 hours.