Kombucha for pancreatitis

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01 June 2016

Kombucha (another name - "Japanese mushroom") came to Russia from the east.Drink from Kombucha (especially been popular in Soviet times) was to be found in the kitchen almost every home.This fact is explained by the fact that wandering little sour carbonated liquid is not only delicious, but also had a lot of healing qualities.Tea brew (more often referred to as the drink) is a natural natural antibiotic, which improves the functioning of all organs of the gastrointestinal system, cure various intestinal infections, helps with diseases of the liver and the kidneys and bladder.Based drink tea fungus can reduce cholesterol levels and normalize blood pressure, but also possesses an analgesic effect, able to improve intestinal motility constipation.Can I use the Kombucha drink from people with pancreatitis?The answer to this question depends on the phase in which the disease is.

acute phase of pancreatitis

In this phase, the doctors forbid drinking Kombucha beverage.To do this, there are a number of rea


  1. This drink has quite a lot of sugar, which loads the endocrine cells of the pancreas patient.
  2. The tea "kvass" contains a bouquet of different organic acids.It citric, phosphoric acid and lactic acid, acetic acid and oxalic acid, pyruvic acid, malic.In addition, the liquid composition includes caffeine, which is contraindicated in pancreatitis.
  3. Because the patient drink in the gut appear different backfire - diarrhea, stabbing pain, bloating.
  4. The beverage has a wine and ethyl alcohol (although in small amounts), but these two components stimulate the secretion of enzymes that have a negative effect on the pancreas.It is often a cause of cancer in the ducts calcified and protein plugs.

Thus, in the acute stage of the disease kombucha is absolutely contraindicated in a sick person.

phase of remission in patients with pancreatitis

Once the patient are all signs of acute pancreatitis, and his illness goes into remission, you can try to gently introduce Kombucha in your diet.However, to get involved in a drink should not be much, otherwise you once again provoke an attack of pancreatitis.If the use of the drink does not cause any discomfort, it is allowed to drink 500 ml of this drink.Folk remedies with Kombucha for the treatment of pancreatitis.There are traditional treatments of pancreatitis, which is used not in the acute stage.They are mixed with Kombucha infusion of herbs.

recipes of traditional medicine

need the following ingredients:

  • 50 ml of water;
  • pair of tablespoons of chamomile flowers and leaves of the plantain;
  • glass of liquid Kombucha;
  • three Art.l.oat seeds;
  • pair of Art.l.stigmas of maize;
  • 3 tbsp.l.rosehip berries brown;
  • pair of Art.l.rhizomes Geum and the same grass trifoliate watch;
  • tablespoon grass clover, hypericum berries and blueberries.

course of infusion:

All plants are crushed and then mix them.Three tablespoons tablespoons herb mixture pour over boiling water, then put in a saucepan on the fire, cook for 6-7 minutes and at low heat.Next, stand a couple of hours and filter.The resulting mixture pour herbal drink from the tea fungus, mix.Eat half an hour before a meal drink this pair of tablespoons.Repeat the procedure three times a day.Before using any of the national funds should be sure to consult your doctor and keep in mind that there may be individual intolerance of any herbs.