Kombucha in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 June 2016

Kombucha, also called the Japanese, it is known today in most countries, as a spa facility that everyone can grow at home.The first written mention of this drug are to the III century BC - write about it in the Chinese medical treatises as a universal source of strength and health, the ability to adjust and improve the quality of human life is not only the physical, but also in terms of energy.In Russia, this drink was first introduced at the beginning of the XIX century, and firmly entered the medical arsenal of folk medicine in the second half of the XX century.In the 70 years after a series of studies of Japanese mushrooms are used in official medical practice in Germany, while its therapeutic effect has not been called into question by practitioners at the beginning of the XXI century.

Alternative medicine still uses the drug in the treatment of many diseases, including such serious, such as diabetes.In this regard, it is important to determine to how appropriate and primarily harmless use of Komb

ucha diabetes.

Myth number 1: Kombucha helps to normalize metabolic processes in the body

reality - really active agents of the Japanese fungus accelerate metabolic processes in the body.In particular, it is a useful acids in the optimal dosage.It citric, acetic, malic, lactic, and others.Ethanol at a dose safe for the organism, but the ability to accelerate the metabolic processes - 2.5%.The complex of vitamins - PP, C, the main group B. However, there is a flip side.To do this, you just need to pay attention to the process of formation and development of tea fungus that occurs with vigorous fermentation.A fermentation products provide a substantial burden on the body, weakened by illness.

Thus, Kombucha important to use only healthy people as a preventive agent for diabetes mellitus.In the presence of diabetes this drink can cause deterioration of the patient.However, you can use the following recommendation: from the beginning of the fermentation process should take at least 2 months to drink had to turn into vinegar, then it must be boiled.This does not guarantee activation of fermentation processes in the organism, but the therapeutic effect of the agent does not have sufficient official experimental confirmations.

Myth number 2: Kombucha has a tonic and tonic effect on the body

reality - really drink in moderation observed strengthening the immune system.However, it is important when common diseases (acute respiratory disease, SARS, some gastric disorders, and so on), but in diabetes use Kombucha not recommended by most experts because of the high sugar content.

Thus, the use of a beverage from tea fungus permissible only as a preventive means.