Can the raisins in diabetes?

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 June 2016

In diabetes need to follow certain rules of food.Not all products can be eaten, some of them are capable of causing harm to the body and cause ill health.

Can I eat the raisins in diabetes?

This delicious dried fruit is dried grapes, consisting of 70% carbohydrates.It is rich in iron and potassium, so the raisins has a strengthening effect on the nervous system and heart, it is advised by coughing and constipation, but in diabetics it is not recommended to eat.

Some doctors say that it is possible to use small amounts of raisins, if it does not cause any adverse reactions.However, most experts believe that the dried fruit should be completely excluded from the diet of diabetics suffering from a severe form of the disease, since it may cause worsening of the disease.In less severe cases, diabetes is not necessary, though, is completely eliminated from the diet of raisins, because it improves vision in older people, a positive effect on the kidneys, improves skin condition, displays the body of excess

fluid and toxins.

danger of raisins for a diabetic

Raisins is a product that consists of digestible carbohydrates, which means that after entering the body, they quickly get into the blood and dramatically increase the level of sugar in it.In addition, it is eight times more sugar than fresh grapes.Glucose, available as part of raisins are also easily dissolved in the blood, resulting in a jump of glucose and deterioration of health of the patient.

raisins have a high glycemic index (93%), which means that the dried fruit contributes to a rapid increase in blood sugar.This quality of raisins used in hypoglycemia (condition of the person when the level of glucose in the blood falls below normal).It's enough to eat is usually a couple of tablespoons of raisins and sugar levels to rise quickly.

Grade raisins does not matter, the same effect on the body.More sour taste raisins least rich in sugar than the sweet variety.Sour in taste due to the large amount of citric acid in the fruit, so that sweet and sour raisin is able to increase blood glucose levels.

there are ways to reduce the sugar content in raisins.For this purpose it is necessary to put the product in water and boil it to feeble flame for several minutes.Most of the useful properties of raisins thus maintained, but the amount of sugar significantly reduced.