Use pine cones jam

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 June 2016

Jam of pine cones - a real treasure, which is able to help us in the cold winter months to cope with the mass of various diseases.This delicacy is exceptionally fragrant, with an unusual pine flavor, while still very useful.Usually jam cones like not only for adults but also kids eat it with pleasure.So safely harvested a few jars of goodies healing spring.

Use pine cones jam

jam made from cones, has a mass of useful qualities, that's why it is often used in folk medicine.It is recommended to use during colds, because it is capable of great help with the flu and acute respiratory diseases, viral infections.And a jam excels in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, bronchitis and asthma, and even pneumonia and tuberculosis.Able to positively impact on the body jam and vitamin deficiency, contributes to the improvement of hemoglobin, used in case of problems with the gums, with arthritis.It has also a treat immune stimulating effect, is capable of exerting a diaphoretic and expector

ant action.Very useful for people with jam intestines and stomach problems, with chronic fatigue.

The jam contains a large amount of vitamin C, so it becomes a perfect prophylactic against colds or flu, but still able to prevent scurvy.It is recommended to eat this jam, and those who have inflammation of the throat or mouth, at a stomatitis, a strong cough, but eat large quantities of a jam, still not worth it.It is enough to eat for the prevention of the day a couple of spoonfuls of goodies.But if the first symptoms of colds, then you should increase the number doubled.

There are certain contraindications for the use of pine cones jam.This delicacy can cause an allergic reaction.Do not eat it, and those with acute hepatitis.

How to collect pine cones jam?

order to jam got really helpful and healing, it is necessary to know how to collect pine cones.To prepare jam needed was young bumps, so they should be collected in the month of May (in some regions, they can start collecting since mid-April).Choosing the necessary greens and juicy fruits, which are slightly sticky to hands.Try to collect the fruit away from the roadway that was not on the cones in a large number of harmful substances, which are formed after being hit by the exhaust gases.To prepare absolutely not fit old and hard lumps.Be sure to inspect the tree from which are going to take off.If pine have any sores or is affected by pests, it is not necessary to tear off his buds.

Harvested fruit pine carefully sorted, cleaned and washed.For the preparation of jams, first make the hot sugar syrup, which can withstand bumps 4:00.Once again they put them on the fire, but do not boil.The procedure was repeated three times, the last jam already brought to a boil (cones boiled for 40 minutes to soften).Preserves the result is a noble amber color with a slightly tart flavor and aroma of pine.