Use jam fir cones

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 June 2016

Recently increasingly heard that the people prefer well-tested and proven in medicines completely unimaginable tinctures, teas, jams and other drugs made with his own hands from natural products!

However, there is nothing strange and wise, because our ancestors often used precisely such methods to treat and prevent many diseases.One of these magical resources, prepared independently, and it was jam, brewed from young fir cones!Someone will think that's too much, and some wildness, but no, spruce has long been famous for its useful properties, and then what has changed today?

positive effects on the jam from spruce cones

jam, brewed from fir cones, characterized in that the properties of the body in the first place have a positive character:

  • product due to the large amount of oil has antibacterial properties that allow the body to easilyto cope with various diseases caused by dangerous bacteria and infectious agents.That is why jam fir cones is recommended to eat in the presence of colds, as well
    as in diseases of the mouth and teeth.
  • This jam enriches the body with iron, chromium, copper, tannins and other substances.All of this has a positive effect on the cardiac system, enhances immunity, enriches with vitamins, it contributes to the rapid removal from the body of harmful substances, carrying out cleaning functions in many organs.
  • diuretic effect fir cones removes puffiness, improves the performance of the genitourinary system.
  • In addition, the substances contained in spruce cones, can affect the body as anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs.
  • In periodic use spruce jam may even mitigate the pain in osteochondrosis.
  • Elovoe jam helps to recover from many diseases, for example, after a stroke, heart attack.
  • there are cases when it is jam spruce cones to improve the situation of patients with tuberculosis.

In general we can say that people who use jam fir cones at least a month, there is increased activity, improved mood.Such people do not fall into a state of stress, do not feel uncomfortable.

They feel easy and, frankly, it is surely emotionally.At work we are improving business relations with colleagues.People do not feel anger and mental fatigue.There is a sense of courage and strength.

All of this has a positive impact on the professional level, to build relationships in the family, a person becomes less prone to various diseases, it does not bother passes drowsiness.As a rule, I am feeling good physically, and the person begins to feel emotional, spiritual satisfaction from life and from communicating with the people around him!