The use of black currant jam

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 June 2016

about such a useful berry currant how our ancestors learned ten centuries ago, and already in the 16th century began to actively explore the inherent beneficial properties.Then the question arose of how to preserve the benefit of the berries and use it to their advantage.It was then that there was a jam of black currant - a favorite sweetness of children and adults at all times, and a storehouse of minerals and vitamins.

How to cook the jam, keeping the beneficial properties of black currant?

currant jam is a unique combination of unusual gastronomic characteristics and a lot of useful properties for the human body.It is believed that properly cooked jam black currant contains almost the same set of minerals and vitamins that the berries from a bush.

first black currants triturated with honey, and then he was replaced by regular sugar.It is best blackcurrant obtained so-called "raw" jam.For its preparation berries not heat treated, but simply triturated with sugar, allowing almost completely preserv

e the vitamin C, and many other useful substances.In addition, in such a jam can be stored for a long time, and its use as close as possible to the fresh black currants.

jam black currant - a tasty medicine!

Berries blackcurrant - a real concentrate of vitamins required by the human body to function properly.It is believed that enough to eat a few spoonfuls of currant jam every day, to fully make up the body's daily requirement of vitamins.These small black berries - a real piggy vitamin C, E, B, K, P, and the addition of trace elements and minerals, as demanded by the human body.

The composition of black currant, and accordingly, jam it includes minerals such as iron, zinc, potassium, copper and manganese.Present them, and organic matter.

Eating jam from berries that you can strengthen the immune system and the body's defenses.Currant jam - an indispensable tool in the prevention and treatment of respiratory and seasonal colds.

addition of blackcurrant jam was recognized as official medicine effective remedy for anemia, hepatitis, tuberculosis, gastritis, atherosclerosis, infectious diseases, as well as an effective tool in the fight against bacteria and staphylococcus wand.The latter is provided by members of the black currant sweet smells.

Well known are the properties of black currant, as a diuretic and anti-inflammatory, which are provided by members of the berries tannins and essential oils.

enough content in black currant and folic acid, which actively helps to reduce the harmful effects of radiation and promotes the excretion of toxic substances from the human body, including lead and mercury.

Doctors often recommend the use of black currant in parallel with taking antiviral drugs and antibiotics.The effectiveness of the latter in this case increases significantly.