Can the grenades for gastritis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 June 2016

Gastritis - a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by inflammation of the stomach lining that prevents the normal operation of this body.Gastritis causes poor digestion of food, weak.Like many diseases, gastritis can occur in two forms - acute and chronic.As a rule, distinguish, and gastritis with low acidity.

People who have encountered the same problem, are forced to adhere to a rather strict diet.Patients with gastritis can only be gentle and soft food.Hot and cold foods can irritate the stomach wall, thereby amplifying the inflammatory process.In addition, the patient must be a balanced diet.

Nobody constantly wish to eat some gruel and water.With this food, and vitamin deficiency is not far off.That is why doctors strongly advised to include in your diet fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and trace elements, which is lacking in the body.This will promote rapid recovery.However, to avoid deterioration, we must first know what kind of fruit allowed in cases of gastritis, and whic

h can only exacerbate the situation.

Garnet gastritis

Gastritis with high acidity

With increased acidity of gastric juice is completely eliminated from the diet all the sour berries and fruit, here include grapefruit, lemon, grapes, pomegranate and peach.Also have to give up the melon, as it is one of the hardest to digest foods that cause fermentation in the stomach.Gastritis with high acidity juices are allowed, which are suitable for the preparation of sweet apples, cherries, tomatoes, figs, pears and peaches.In no case is inadmissible use of citrus juices (these include orange, mandarin, grapefruit, pineapple, lemon).Do not bring less damage from acidic fruit juice (apricot, cranberry, pomegranate, plum and grape).But cabbage or potato juice - a real godsend for gastritis, they have a healing effect.

Gastritis with low acidity

In this form of gastritis less strict diet, resolved almost all fruit except grapes and melons also have to give up exotic fruits (pineapple is, papaya, avocado).But bananas, on the contrary, can be incorporated into the diet, if after their use is not observed bloating, diarrhea or bloating.Bananas are recommended to improve the functioning of the intestines and strengthen the intestinal flora.Equally useful to use strawberries.

Pomegranate juice - a good assistant for intestinal disorders, renal colic or stomach pain.Gastritis is recommended three times a day to drink 0.5 cups of pomegranate juice, but only with the addition of 1 tablespoon of honey.The juice is well absorbed, thus arousing the appetite and controlling the activity of the stomach.

Even knowing the entire list of permitted and forbidden fruit at some form of gastritis, it is necessary to focus more on your body.Never self-medicate, better consult your doctor.Do not experiment or random act.