Can the garlic for gastritis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 June 2016

People with a diagnosis of "gastritis", forced to undergo certain restrictions in diet and indulge in certain foods.But, alas, without dieting all measures aimed at the treatment of the disease, will not bring any result.

wonderful natural healer called garlic firmly entrenched in the diet of so many people - salty bacon and fragrant red borscht ... Many people do not think the use of these and other products without such favorite additions to them, like garlic.

When used garlic to everyone, even the seemingly healthy person should carefully monitor their well-being, because the presence of certain diseases taking this product is able to have an adverse effect on the human body.Let's sort out what is useful garlic and whether to use it for people suffering from gastritis?

Useful properties

Garlic can rightly be called a true treasure trove of various nutrients.In its structure there is tremendous amount of vitamins, which have a positive impact on the work of the body.For example, vitamin A promot

es the formation of teeth and bones, strengthens the immune system.Included in the garlic, vitamins B1 and B2 have a beneficial effect on visual function, brain function.Because vitamin C activates the body's defenses, and nicotinic acid normalizes the cardiovascular system.

As part of such an important addition to garlic, but at the same time quite common minerals, such as potassium, copper, iodine, phosphorus, titanium, iodine contains a unique component, like Germany, is a potent stimulator of the immune system.In addition, this vegetable is rich in volatile production, inhibits the development of harmful microorganisms, aspirin-like substance that prevents blood clots.

Garlic normalizes sugar, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, prevents strokes and heart attacks and rids the body of excess cholesterol.

Garlic and chronic gastritis

question of whether we can use garlic to patients suffering from gastritis, can not find a clear answer.It all depends on what is there a form of the disease - acute or chronic.Due to its antiseptic and disinfecting properties of garlic are eaten regularly in chronic gastritis, will help to normalize the acidity of gastric juice, especially if they have been raised.

addition, garlic is simply necessary for the treatment of chronic gastritis because it has a positive effect on the intestinal peristalsis, and activates the production of bile.Garlic is present in the diet of patients with gastritis, helps to organize the work of the pancreas.

Garlic and acute gastritis

In acute gastritis is necessary to observe strict diet in which there is no place garlic.Use of this product is irritating effect on the stomach, exciting the pie its activities.This is largely worsen the patient's condition.