Can the yogurt at a poisoning?

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 June 2016

Almost any food poisoning is accompanied by nausea and retching.Often there is a high body temperature, upset his chair.Thus, the body responds to pathogenic sphere, which became the cause of poisoning.

In such a case it is necessary to help the body recover from intoxication, as well as to further recovery.For this there is a lot of ways and means.For example, some people in case of poisoning begin to drink heavily yogurt.How effective this fermented milk product for poisoning and whether it should be in this case to use?Recommendations made read on.

healing drink

produces this delicious and valuable beverage milk by fermentation.Simply put, in raw milk dairy introduce special fungi that cause fermentation.As a result of a complex chemical process turns yogurt.In addition to this flora drink also contains a lot of minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

With this composition saturated yogurt has a positive effect on the bowels.It also helps stop the development of pathogenic fungi.A beneficial bac

teria, which are contained in the fermented milk product, neutralize toxins and then remove them from the body.


for poisoning Acute poisoning is strictly recommended to refrain from eating during the day.On the second day in case of intoxication symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and others) decreased, it is possible to gradually introduce drink.It is also possible the use of boiled eggs, biscuits.But from any of dairy products should be clearly abandoned.There are several reasons:

  • yogurt will further irritate the inflamed stomach lining;
  • drink enhances intestinal motility, which in turn in case of poisoning can provoke an attack of diarrhea.

therefore take yogurt at the stage of intoxication is impossible.But it should be mandatory to include in the diet in the recovery stage, when symptoms of poisoning have already passed.The drink will help to restore the damaged microflora.For this purpose, you should drink a glass of yogurt twice a day for a couple of weeks.In order to enhance the therapeutic effect, allowed to drink a course of prebiotics.

However, scientists note that regular consumption of fermented dairy products can minimize the risk of intoxication and possible contamination of different types of gastro-intestinal infections.

Contraindications to receive kefir

Despite the abundance of useful properties of this milk product still has a number of contraindications, such as it is:

  • allergic to milk protein origin;
  • stomach ailments that are accompanied by high acidity;
  • chronic diarrhea.

the presence of the above signs of acceptance of yogurt, even to recover from severe intoxication should definitely refuse.