Can the apples for gastritis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 June 2016

symptoms of such diseases as gastritis significantly complicate the life of any person.We have to revise your diet, replacing some other products.Sometimes, even the most beloved and familiar product can harm the body of a person suffering from gastritis.It refers to a number of such products apples?

Apples and gastritis

fact that apples are exactly the product, which in some cases bring the body to use, and other aggravated his condition.When gastritis with acidity of the fruit is allowed to eat, but only recommended varieties of sweet.At low acidity, on the contrary, it is necessary to give preference to sour apple varieties.In such apples present vital vitamins that help fight the symptoms of gastritis.At the stage of exacerbation it is recommended to use in baked apples.

If you eat apples correctly, you can not only improve their health but also to treat gastritis.This can be done with the help of green apple varieties.Treatment of this fruit, it is desirable to combine with daily oil enemas.It

is also important to eat on the regime.Meals should be orderly and thoughtful.

To prepare a tasty dish of apples healing should take two fruit and crush them thoroughly with a blender.The result is a paste, which will need to eat about 3 hours before the meal.After you eat this meal, do not drink the liquid, unless you want to decrease the effectiveness of treatment.Not the best option would be to use apple pulp just before bedtime, because in the evening there is a delay of biological processes, such as digestion.

It is best to eat apples immediately after waking up.In this case, 10-11 hours you will be able to start breakfast.You should not eat even the minimum amount of apple pulp before you go to bed, because it can trigger a worsening of their condition.This is due to the fact that apples increase flatulence.

People with gastritis during the first month after the onset of eating apples daily.After a month, you can eat one apple, two or three times a week.During the third month is enough to eat an apple at least once a week.What

pick apples for gastritis?

As you know, apples should be chosen only varieties of green, all others only hurt your body.To use, select only fresh fruit.If you cut an apple for cooking gruel in the evening, you can not expect the healing effects of the morning.

Before you go to eat apples with gastritis, wash it with soap and boiled water.Put aside the fruit, which has foulbrood.From this apple your body will not be of any use.Before you cook applesauce, remove the seeds, eating them like healthy people, and with gastritis is highly undesirable because they present in a large number of poisonous hydrogen cyanide.It has a negative effect on the central nervous system.