Can I bathe with hemorrhoids?

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 June 2016

Many people are familiar with the disease, "hemorrhoids" is not hearsay.They understand that the disease is too harsh and dangerous to neglect by certain principles and to live as you want.Much of hemorrhoids is best not to do, as if you did not want.Patients with hemorrhoids are often asked whether it is possible to bathe in their situation, it is not just about saunas, but also typical Russian baths?

How does the steam on blood vessels in a patient with hemorrhoids?

Not that in the steam room or sauna, and even have a hot bath is a significant increase in pressure in all vessels, including those in the pelvis.This hemorrhoids is also increasing.This phenomenon can not only trigger the pain, but also cause excessive bleeding.This especially happens during exacerbation of the disease.

The more vapor, the faster these processes.Often, patients with hemorrhoids simply not ready for such drastic changes and after a long steam can not get over, because there is a sharp worsening of the disease.It happen

s that at the severe stage of hemorrhoids after the sauna or hot bath in a patient fall hemorrhoids.

Can I bathe, if you have been bleeding?

few signs of hemorrhoid, but the basic can still be considered bleeding, which usually occurs during the process of defecation.So, if you have a disease in a given period of pain the most frequent and strong, moreover, periodically opens the bleeding, then at the moment it is better not to bathe in any conditions.The heat and steam contribute to a strengthening of bleeding, and hence burdening the disease.

When hemorrhoids can bathe?

There are exceptions, and some patients are allowed to go to the steam room, why?Firstly, a number of such people include patients with hemorrhoids which hardly disturbs, is "alone", that is, at the moment there is no pain, no bleeding and other symptoms.Only the steam can be long and not very hot room.

Second, often steamed, with hemorrhoids, people who decide for themselves what they would treat a disease folk remedies.Therefore, when soaring they use herbal teas herbs and tinctures.This may be the dandelion, yarrow, buckthorn.Thus sore spot for the procedure need to lubricate the clay treatment or cream, but no medical evidence that that the method helps.

turns out that no matter how you dreamed about a guy If you're hemorrhoids, you have to abandon this procedure.In any case, the health of more fun!All that you can do - is to try as quickly as possible to get rid of the disease and even then "had a ball!"

Remember also that it is considered a good habit to bathe the prevention of hemorrhoids.But if sweating even when the first symptoms of the disease, then you certainly will extend the period of the disease and thus reduce the time of its development.Weighing all, give up on the treatment of hemorrhoids from going to saunas and hot baths too!