Can I wash with angina?

By Admin | Health Recipes
01 June 2016

It is difficult to answer unequivocally the sometimes quite understandable question.For example, often ill with angina, people ask whether it is possible to wash them in the bath, take a bath and do other water treatment?

simple answer is difficult, because the adults and children completely react differently to the same disease, for that matter, and organisms of different people.In some disease can occur virtually unnoticed, while others may have a fever, the gap appetite occur malaise and so on. D.

Medicine suggests the presence of angina is still to wash, because it is through the skin from the body removes most harmful substances.However, there are some cases when any kind of water treatments should take time off!Yes, and you need to wash according to certain rules!

How to wash with angina?

When angina is strictly necessary to wash in warm rooms, no cool shower should not be, no drafts.Water should not be too hot.Avoid water treatments too warm baths and park further in the sauna.Hot dry steam

will lead to additional irritation of affected areas of the throat and pharynx.

need to wash as soon as possible, prolonged water treatments can cause unwanted effects, temperature, weakness.Immediately after the water treatment need to rest, it is better to lie down under a warm blanket.If there is no temperature, after washing, you can do some compression in the throat.

lovers have soared in the event of a sore throat to give up a favorite procedure, even if the sore throat is just beginning and it does not bother you at all.Once you warm up, the body naturally begins to feel better, but on the morning of rampant disease and may appear purulent inflammation.

When you can not wash with angina?

If you are running purulent tonsillitis, then be very careful about the water procedures.Rather, if it is possible, it is best to avoid them yet.From washing should be avoided by increasing or decreasing body temperature even slightly.Water procedures may give rise to large changes.

When you understand that, apart from the fact that you are worried about a sore throat, you are still covered the general weakness of the body and you feel exhausted, then also for some time refrain from washing.Probably, the body there are any other inflammatory processes, and the body is currently active is struggling with them, and will only serve to wash more relaxing.

Often, realizing that with angina should not bathe, many patients notice that they are sweating profusely and on the body there are any pimples.To be afraid of such a phenomenon does not mean it is common sudamen, which arose from the fact that you often sweating under the covers.All you need to do - is to replace the bed to clean, easy to take a slightly warm shower.We must try as quickly as possible to wash and then go to bed.

So, if you have not noticed major changes in his body when a sore throat, then you can wash, but do not forget that you can not make a strong stress on the heart, that is, eliminate too much hot water and overheated bath!