Can the yogurt for gastritis?

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01 June 2016

Gastritis - a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, which requires adherence to the diet, especially in the acute stage.Dairy products are often used in dietary nutrition in various diseases.Is it permitted to use yogurt for gastritis?To answer this question, it is necessary to find out what are the types of gastritis, and dietary guidelines at each of the forms.


gastritis Gastritis flowing in the acute stage, require compliance within a few days, sparing diet, in which all dairy products are not allowed.After the acute symptoms subside gastritis often becomes chronic, which is of such species:

  • normal acidity;
  • with acidity;
  • anatsidny gastritis with low acidity and secretory insufficiency.

The use of yogurt in the diet nutrition for various types of gastritis

gastritis with normal and high acidity

treatment of chronic gastritis with normal or elevated levels of acidity demands withdrawal symptoms indicating the presence of functional disorders.Patients administered the table at

number 1.

Table No. 1 provides a gentle mechanical and chemical treatment of the stomach.The diet is indicated for gastritis in the chronic form with high acidity and gastric secretion.The diet restrictions are imposed on the rough fiber and plant extractives contained in meat, fish and vegetable products.

The list of allowed to eat dairy products and yogurt dishes available.Allowed milk (whole, condensed, dry), non-acidic cream, cream and low-fat cottage cheese.Consequently, gastritis with normal and elevated levels of acidity yogurt contraindicated.

anatsidnyh gastritis

Usually anatsidnyh gastritis patients prescribed diet number 2, whose main objective - providing gentle function of the stomach and intestines.This provides mechanical sparing with simultaneous chemical irritation.

anatsidnyh form of gastritis, which is characterized by decrease in acidity, often accompanied by inflammation of the gallbladder.In this connection, the disease process may be involved and the pancreas, intestines and liver.If the prevailing conditions, along with intestinal secretory insufficiency table shown under number 2. If the same disease in the pancreas is involved, the patient is prescribed a diet number 5a.

Patients suffering from gastritis anatsidnyh, diet number 2, allowed the following dairy products:

  • yogurt;
  • acidophilus;
  • sour curd;
  • whole milk;
  • cream non-acidic.

Diet numbered 5a includes such dairy products:

  • milk powder or condensed;
  • yogurt;
  • cottage cheese and sour cream (sour);
  • acidophilus milk;
  • yogurt;
  • whole milk.

If gastritis anatsidny occurs without any noticeable symptoms, the patient is prescribed a diet of 15, the purpose of which is to test the tolerance of the products the gastrointestinal tract before the appointment of a medical table.This diet provides the use of a variety of dairy products.

Thus, in the form of gastritis anatsidnyh eating yogurt allowed.