Jam of the young pine cones

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

Knowing that pine has some useful features, people try to use it bumps not only for the prevention of a disease, but also in the treatment of many neglected and even chronic diseases.

From young pine cones made not only to prepare infusions and decoctions, but the usual jam, which for many will be not just a medical product, and really loved, because its flavor is obtained remarkable, as, indeed, and flavor!

When cooking jam of young pine cones is not only important to know the method of preparation and methods of storing food, but also some bumps for meals you can use, and which are not.The main thing is not to collect cones from the pine trees that grow in the vicinity of trails and roadways.You also need to select only cones, which grow at a very young pine branches.And last, but not least - is that the cones should be removed along with several trees.

Good pine cones are small, exude a pleasant scent of pine needles and impregnated with a viscous sap!Such product has a large number of nutrients,

which makes it the most effective and curative.

How to make jam from young pine cones?

When you know what kind of pine cones you need to collect, you can go after them into the forest.Collect kilograms of pine cones and ensure that the product to be as clean as possible, because it is advisable not to wash, therefore, draw the cones, which are free of dust and debris particles, well, or, at least, it is easy to remove his hands shake.

Bringing home pine cones, put them in a small container and cover with cold water.Water is used as much as needed in order to fully cover the surface of the cone.Immediately prepare a kilogram of sugar.

The next day, take the blender and use it to crush pine cones until smooth.Add to them the sugar and, stir several times, leave to infuse for an hour.Now that has become a solid mass, and almost all the sugar has melted, put the dish to cook.

Cook will have a long jam.About two hours you will need to take the necessary jam amber tint.But when it is cooked, it will be impossible to look away, so it will be attractive!Eat a jam preferably daily in small portions.It is better to do it in the morning, eating roughly a teaspoon before breakfast.