Mustard in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

Despite the fact that diabetes - this is a very serious illness, correct and timely tailored treatments to help patients lead normal life and sometimes even forget that there is this unpleasant diagnosis.What is most important for diabetics?Of course, receiving insulin and constant control over the concentration of sugar in the blood.That is why people with diabetes are very carefully selected products to your diet.

Many diabetics mistakenly believe that eating spicy foods, such as mustard for them is strictly prohibited.Let us understand, how things really are.

Useful properties

Drinking moderate amounts of mustard diabetics will only benefit.The fact that in its structure mustard is substantially free of carbohydrates, and therefore it can not provoke an increase in blood sugar levels.From the mustard seeds have long made a huge amount of drugs successfully used to treat diabetes.Medicines produced by mustard, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, stimulate the secretion of gastric juice a

nd encourage appetite.

mustard as a condiment mustard

Thanks diabetic people can significantly improve the flavor of various dishes.Borsch, soup, main courses and side dishes - all this will be at times tastier if you add a pinch of mustard.

methods use

There are different ways of receiving the mustard with the diagnosis "diabetes".Thus, for example, can take over a month to 3 h. L.mustard seeds every day.After the treatment is performed, it is recommended a blood test.The result will surely be pleasantly surprised.And what is interesting - besides the main objective in such a way at the same time you can improve digestion and to cope with constipation.

great benefit to diabetics and will use bagasse from leaves of mustard.To do this, boil the dried leaves with boiling water, let it brew broth, then strain through cheesecloth.Every day should eat 1-2 tbsp.l.this cake.A decoction ready, of course, it is not necessary to pour out.This is also a wonderful tool for the treatment of diabetes.This drug should drink in an amount of 0.5 st.three times a day, 30 minutes after a meal.It is also very useful in at least one meal a day, eat a small amount of this bitter herbs.

Tips for Choosing the Best

mustard - is the one that is prepared personally.But if it is banal not have the time or inclination, you can just go to the nearest supermarket and buy mustard here, but it should take into account a number of features.

Mustard, the shelf life of which exceeds 45 days, is composed of a preservative, and therefore give preference to products with a short shelf life.Also it is necessary to abandon or acquire flavors mustard, having them in your composition.It is important that the concentration of vinegar was minimal, and therefore, this component should be one of the last specified on the product label.