Can you fat pancreatitis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

Getting used to lard to pamper yourself, it is difficult to give up this delicious product, but also nutritious and, when one is not very pleasant diagnosis - pancreatitis!While many who already have an idea of ​​the disease on their own experience, they say that the fat in pancreatitis can eat ?!Is it so?

Acute pancreatitis and fat

If you have seen the development of acute pancreatitis, neither of which the form of fat can not be considered.If you do eat at least a small piece of fat, in your feelings arise not just mild discomfort, and strong cutting pain, eliminate that would be very difficult.

This happens strong inflammation of the pancreas, which is, in principle, and demonstrates a sharp sense of pain.After the pancreas begins to simply swell.Furthermore, fat is primarily different refractory fat content.They contribute to the destruction of the pancreas, increasing the aggressive action of enzymes.At the same time dramatically increase bile, which is not good in your case.

When you can eat bacon with pancreatitis?

Lard pancreatitis can eat, but "eat" to say too loudly, or rather will use the phrase "eat a small amount of" Only those who at the moment is out of pancreatitis acute stage and did not bother the patient.

This can only eat two or three small plastic bacon, thinly sliced.You can do this no more than once a week, at the same time do not relax.It is necessary to constantly monitor their condition, because if the last time from fat you "Nothing" does not mean that today the body will react the same way.Remember that fat should be as fresh and bought it should be in decent outlets - where you will not doubt its shelf life and workmanship.

fat is important to remember the following facts:

  • Even if your pancreatitis makes itself felt for many years, the fat may again lead to an exacerbation of the disease, if consumed large amounts of it.
  • biliary system will gradually be filled with cholesterol stones, if you often have fat.
  • fat craze often leads to that of the liver and pancreas in particular begins to develop dystrophy.

Only here, in spite of the negative aspects of eating fat, is not fair to keep silent about its beneficial properties!If pancreatitis lull you still will occasionally indulge yourself a good fresh bacon, you observe clear guidelines in the amount of used products, this passion will only benefit.

You will receive a huge boost of energy, enrich the body of arachidonic acid and fat-soluble vitamins.This all lead to the vitality, improve reproductive processes and externally your condition will get better, it would indicate healthy hair, beautiful skin, well and accordingly a good mood!