Hazelnut in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

Knowing that the presence of diabetes, in particular, said that the need to constantly monitor yourself for what you eat, when and how much.Naturally, every product, which for many seems quite harmless, for example, hazelnuts may simply be a powerful stimulant to the deterioration and can lead to serious crashes, even relapse.

To the delight of fans of nuts have to say that it is considered to hazelnuts in diabetes is very rewarding.Therefore, the nut is quite possible to include in your diet, but while adhering to some things:

  • Nuts must be of high quality, their views have to be perfect, and there is no doubt.
  • Hazelnut must be properly stored and the shelf life of this type of nut must be met.In addition, never purchase a nut, the shelf life in excess of a year.It is generally believed that if the store hazelnut more than six months, most of the nutrients will not be saved.
  • before eating hazelnuts sure to rinse well.
  • Buy hazelnuts for diabetics need only shops whose reputation is impeccable.It
    can be said of its producers.After buying a nut store in closed containers, while in a dry place where cool.

How hazelnuts diabetes affects the body?

Firstly, hazelnut saturates the body of diabetics natural proteins.It enriches the weakened body with vitamins important group B, potassium, phosphorus and calcium.In addition, there are other nutrients that enter the body with the use of diabetic hazelnut.Second, different high-calorie hazelnuts, indicating that the high nutritional quality of hazelnut.

And most importantly, what they do for a patient with diabetes substances contained in hazelnut - It lowers the level of cholesterol, thus normalizing its growth.At the same time those who eat hazelnuts regularly you will notice that there are no problems with blood vessels almost does not occur.

So, if included in the diet of diabetic regular consumption of hazelnuts, then you can be sure that very soon the patient will begin to normalize overall.It will be a little more fun, less sharply will carry signs of illness, and his mood will improve dramatically.

Are there any restrictions on the use of hazelnut diabetics?

Everything should be normalized and then hazelnut is not an exception.The day is recommended to eat no more than 50 grams of this wonderful delicacy.Only in this way you do not risk unduly enrich your body with those or other substances, and thereby to cause him harm.

The fact that you are much too far with nuts hazelnuts, will remind you a severe headache after drinking, indicating that the spasms, which are currently taking place in the blood vessels of the brain.Experts advise to include in your diet the right amount of hazelnut around in the morning, starting at eleven o'clock, or eat it no later than six o'clock in the evening.