Jam made of green pine cones

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

Today, many comrades, so to speak, small manufacturers and homegrown experts offer inexpensive to purchase medicinal purposes jam, brewed from green pine cones.Honestly, it's not so bad when there is where to get a "storehouse" of vitamins and reserved it for the entire season.However, nobody knows what to take, it is not clear by whom, too, the prospect is not very attractive.

Therefore, those who live near the pine forests, and perhaps grow on their own plot of pine, and can completely prepare yourself a treat.And you can be sure that the product of its own production is not merely no worse than what you offer, but also much healthier, environmentally cleaner!

you collect it yourself quality green pine cones and take them "where it should."And pluck pine cones should be exclusively on the young branches of the pine, preferably also relatively young, and grow to be such a pine in a clean area, and themselves cones must be as clean as possible to avoid their further washing with water.

By bringing about a kilogram of cones, they plucked from the trash, dirty discarded.If all the same crop over in the dust, then wash it with water, dried necessarily, because the bumps immediately to pour clean water.A certain amount of water does not exist, because the gain on the basis of the liquid to completely cover the layer of green cones.Capacity (pan) in which bumps are placed and the water is to be enameled.

cover the pan with a lid, cones left in the water to infuse the whole day.That's enough to plant out into the water entered part of the substances and the water took the aroma and flavor of pine.This here is amazing substance dissolved after a kilogram of sugar and put the future of the jam boil.

Please note that the pine cones will always settle, so the cooking time does not stop them stir, otherwise it will burn.Perhaps the formation of the foam, remove it.After about two hours of cooking, maybe a little less jam begins to thicken, then it is ready.

're just pour it into a dry container and refrigerate.Of course, such a treat will not eat every day, mornings drinking with him a cup of tea.However, it should be included in the daily diet and eat no more than a tablespoon.

Such amount of jam, brewed from green pine cones, will be enough to prevent many colds, enhance immunity and improve the state of health of the internal organs.