Useful if jelly gastritis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

Gastritis - is quite a serious disease of the gastrointestinal tract.Patients who are suffering from such a disease, is prescribed to comply with a strict diet, where you can not eat a variety of foods and beverages.Therefore, many patients worried quite natural question of whether it is possible to drink jelly gastritis?

Expert opinion

This drink is not only possible, but also the need to include in your daily diet of patients with gastritis.The fact is that the jelly has enveloping properties, allowing gastric mucosa protects against injury and damage.This effect is not only avoids additional inflammation, but also accompanies early cupping disease.For this reason, doctors recommend drinking jelly, not only at the stage of remission, but at the time of relapse.

medical advice

to drink brought real benefits, it should not purchase finished products from the supermarket and cook it yourself, because most of these products contain a huge amount of preservatives, chemical additives and various dyes

.This is certainly a negative impact not only on the affected organ, and organism as a whole.

most useful for gastritis jelly

If this illness is recommended to cook jelly non-acidic varieties of fruits and berries.Equally useful beverages prepared from milk and oat.

cooking process berry-fruit jelly is quite simple.Suitable fruits were washed, purified, then cut, as finely as possible.The resulting mass shift in a pot for cooking, pour water so that they were completely covered with fruit.The drink is brought to a boil and boiled for at least 15 minutes.Kissel cooled, and then ground it to the blender.If desired, add a small amount of sugar.Then drink again put on fire and bring to a boil.At this time, administered a starch that has been pre-dissolved in water.Cook 5 minutes, remove from heat jelly.Drink cooled and drink warm.

Equally simple recipe milk jelly.The capacity of cooking pour a liter of milk, pour 125 grams of sugar.You can add a little vanilla.Also enter 250 ml of purified water.Massa put on the fire in the cooking process is constantly stir it.Once the milk boils, add 75 g of starch and carefully stir it.Wait, when the drink starts to boil, and remove it from the heat.Milk pudding is ready.It can also take hot.

no less useful for gastritis and oatmeal.To cook it, you first need to soak the cereal at night.In the morning drain the water and bring it to a boil.Then boil for 15 minutes.Thus, it turns oatmeal.In order to bring the maximum benefit, it is also recommended to take in the warm, warmed form.

You may want to give preference to any one kind of jelly.And you can vary the menu of its various types.