Can the pasta with gastritis?

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31 May 2016

One of the most common diseases today gastrointestinal tract can be called gastritis.It arises as a result of inflammation in the mucous membrane of the stomach wall.Gastritis is divided into acute and chronic.If left untreated gastritis in the acute stage, it will grow gradually chronic.Acute possible cure in just a couple of weeks, but the treatment of chronic gastritis may take several years.

One of the basic rules of the treatment of gastritis is considered to be properly chosen diet.

Terms meals with gastritis

prepare food for patients with gastritis, remember the important rules.In no case should the food is not fried in oil.You can cook food for a couple or a cook stew.Food should be the consistency of puree or semi, it is necessary to wipe products.Salt dishes have to be very sparingly, because the salt irritates mucous membranes and inhibits the body's fluid.It is impossible to patients with gastritis are very hot (over 60 ° C) or cold (below 15 ° C) dishes.The optimum temperature of the f

ood with gastritis is 20-45 ° C.Mandatory condition of good nutrition - it's fresh food, can not eat canned food, fast food, pickles are also prohibited salted and smoked products.Another principle of power - a granularity (the day the patient should eat 5-6 times) and frequency (adherence).This dish should be sufficiently diversified so that the body did not lack of necessary elements and vitamins.

Macaroni gastritis

One of the approved products in any form of gastritis are pasta.For the preparation it is necessary to choose the pasta or pasta made from durum wheat (the highest grade).Wheat is considered very desirable product for this disease, but the egg white and belongs to the structure of pasta, it reduces the negative impact.Adding protein component in the pasta during factory production.

Gastritis can eat pasta, very good fit homemade noodles, vermicelli.They can be eaten as a separate dish, and can be added to the first dishes, cooking casseroles.

You can use the following recipe for a delicious casserole.

Macaroni Casserole with minced meat: how to cook?

Boil pasta, put them in a colander, fill a little oil.In the beef pour a little water, a little salt and cook it for five minutes.In prepared pan, greased and sprinkled with croutons, put half a boiled pasta.They put the stuffing on top, and then - the rest of pasta.Bake the dish at 190 ° C for 15 minutes.Sprinkle with grated cheese and put another ten minutes and in an oven.

Macaroni Casserole

Boil in lightly salted water the pasta (12-15 minutes), then add them to the hot milk.Once the pasta is cooked, they must be cooled to 60 ° C, put them raw egg, salt, sugar and mix.Oiled baking sheet, lightly sprinkle with breadcrumbs.Put the pasta on them a lot, it carefully leveled.Coat the top sour cream-egg mixture and place in the oven to bake for 20 minutes.Before the moment of delivery to the table casserole pour sour cream.