Can I eat bacon for gout?

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

One of the characters of the poem Nekrasov "Who Lives Well in Russia" thought gout "noble disease", which at least for a penny a peasant attaches to high society.In fact, gout - an extremely unpleasant joint disease that requires long-term and complex treatment.One of the prerequisites to eliminate the symptoms of gout is a special diet.

Power gout

accepted that gout - a disease of the joints, but it is not true.In gout the metabolism, which is manifested in the fact that the kidneys are not able to dispose of, that is to excrete uric acid.Uric acid in turn appears in the human body during the processing of foods with large amounts of purines.Purin - a special chemical that is present in all animal and vegetable products.Purines are part of the cell nucleus, so the greatest number contained in the concentrated food (eg, strong broth, sauces).The concentration is high in purines and most offal - kidneys, liver, giblets, as in these tissues is an active cell division.

the decay of purines uric acid f

orms crystals and which "settle" in the joints.Over time, this leads to gouty arthritis - joints become inflamed and sore, limited physical activity.Eliminate these unpleasant symptoms help to nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs, as well as a diet low in purines.

Salo gout

purines is the main source of protein food, so the basic principle of the diet - a reduction in the diet of meat.Since fat is the product protein origin (although this fat in pure form), it is not recommended for use in gout.

If the patient can not resist a slice of bacon flavored, it is necessary to choose the right product.Salo to be that fat, that is, a piece may have one or two layers of meat.If the product is more like bacon (fat and lean about the same), then from its use should be abandoned.A large number of meat contains the same large number of purines, which can trigger an attack of gout.

Salo safest to use as a standalone product, but in any case it does not fry food or added to other dishes.Do not get involved in pork lard, because in itself this product is very high in calories, which threatens to obesity.An increase in body weight and increase the load on the joints, which are already suffering during acute gouty arthritis.In addition, consumption of large quantities of fat increases in blood cholesterol levels, which adversely affects the metabolism of the joint tissues.A safe "dose" of fat in patients with gout can be called one or two thin slices no more than once a week.