Can I run for varicose?

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

path to beauty and beautiful figure many women is through the continuous physical training, including running.What to do when on the road to perfection rises ruthless varicose veins?Really now have to give up the usual load and stop jogging?Is it possible to somehow combine running and varicose veins?

who is ill varicose veins?

Today varices can be found not only among adults but also among young people, which, in principle, does not understand why the disease manifests itself.We can say that more than half the world's population will sooner or later face the varicose veins, and the reason for that - a genetic predisposition, not only excessive exercise, unhealthy lifestyle or childbirth.

How does varices?

first "bells" and varicose few notes!This is usually thin blue lines that appear near the veins.Soon they will begin to swell, increasing in size, and even curl, bringing severe acute pain.With strong varicose veins often can not even walk.This negligence than you about your health, especially th

e leg muscles, the stronger the varices.

Can jogging when varicose veins?

believed that jogging, namely excessive load on leg muscles result in the formation of blood clots, thrombophlebitis.Therefore, doctors categorically prohibited in varicose veins running long distances.Often, in more complex cases, the patient, doing a run, just risking his life, because if you run, and will push the clot detaches happen clogged arteries.

If varices is a light stage of development, then you can afford to run "jogging" in spite of the small "stars" on their feet.In addition, it is believed that an easy run in the case of varicose veins is a must, after all, in spite of the varicose veins, leg muscles to keep in shape.So run, but the following guidelines:

  • necessarily during the cross-country walks, wear compression stockings on your feet;
  • try to avoid not only the long-distance, and movement with obstacles, such as the relief area.Try not to jump, to preclude a violent movement of the body;
  • do not spend a lot of time on the run, or in any case lead to a heavy load;
  • if you are used to deal with the emergence of varicose veins on treadmills (gym), now use only the pedestrian mode.

If you are too active, and you find it hard to abandon the race for a long distance, then the best way, perhaps, will be the replacement of the sport to another hobby!What?Depending, again, on your desires, you can change the cross-dancing, yoga or swimming.Only here and try not to overdo it, will be enough to half-hour sessions.Well, or a little longer, if you allow the doctor!Note that without the necessary examination of even an experienced physician can accurately advise you can run or not, so it is once again insure!