Can I drink alcohol gastritis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

Often, even the most terrible disease can cause heavy drinkers to give up his addiction, but most people, even knowing that the sick by eating even just a little, it would seem, the most harmless of alcohol, so aggravate their condition thatwithout surgery is difficult to do!

Today we consider in detail the question of whether you can drink alcohol gastritis?If you can, then when?What?By how much?If not, why not?Incidentally, many of gastritis arises not just because something does not work very well in the stomach or other digestive organs, namely by excessive alcohol consumption.

Gastritis What is this?

Gastritis - is a complex disease that affects the human stomach.Gastritis manifests itself in different ways, but all the same features of it are similar in all - a pain in the stomach, vomiting mornings, feeling sick, heartburn, constant thirst, aversion to a particular food.All these symptoms are due to inflammation of the gastric mucosa and further irritation.

Forms of gastritis at different st

ages of the disease may be quite different, and each person carries them depending on the overall condition of the body, but it is clear to everyone that irritate the stomach during the occurrence of (development) gastritis can not be!

as gastritis manifests itself after drinking?

After drinking a small dose of alcohol on the stage of development of gastritis, you can watch the next - in the stomach, a sharp increase in acidity, which provokes inflammation and its seal walls.The man at this time feel bouts of heartburn, nausea, and maybe even vomiting.

At what stage of gastritis are allowed to drink alcohol and how much?

believed that any kind of alcohol is contraindicated only during the development and exacerbation of gastritis.But when the disease makes itself felt for a long time, you can afford to sip a glass of good vodka, well, or it can be a quality brandy.

Note that gastritis, even at the time of "slack" undesirable alcoholic beverages, in which the gas is present.We are talking about beer, even very good, champagne or some cocktails.But they say the following about the wine - even having used a little wine, and anyone you increase the level of acid in the stomach, it will trigger the production of excess gastric juice, causing irritation of the stomach.

Draw conclusions

It would be desirable to try something good, in the presence of gastritis should gradually all tie with the use of alcohol, even "over"!However, when it comes to long-term chronic gastritis, which you do not remember, too, do not relax.Remember that gastritis - it is a phenomenon that can be triggered by anything and gastritis will reopen at the slightest push.

Well, those who have no strength to give up drinking, you need to take it a rule - if you already have gathered to drink, let it be not just good, but high-quality liquor, and the best vodka, and do not allow yourself to drinkmore than two glasses.