Can you ice cream for gastritis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

gastritis - an inflammation of the stomach lining.It is not rare in the modern world, it arises because of improper diet and stress.Also affect the condition of the stomach bad habits - drinking and smoking.Damage to the body certain medications, infections, and so on.

The disease can not be run.It is necessary to treat it, and stick to the diet.Gastritis man contraindicated anything that might irritate the mucosa.It should therefore be excluded from the diet of fatty and fried foods, spices and some sweets.Many patients can not give up ice cream.

Why ice cream is bad for gastritis?

This product is very uplifting.There are ice cream for every taste, with various additives.This cooling treat contains calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins essential to the organism.What is it bad?The fact that the product is too cold irritate inflamed stomach.In addition, this treat is very greasy.Also currently in ice cream shops contained too many preservatives, flavorings, colorings and other harmful components.Gastriti

s with high acidity such product use is not recommended.

Those who suffer from gastritis and indulging in ice cream, then complain about the deterioration of health.Especially this product is harmful in acute.But if the desire to eat ice cream is great, sometimes you can afford to treat without synthetic additives and with a minimum fat content - up to four percent.It should be left for some time at room temperature to melt and it does not irritate the stomach.

What can replace ice cream?

sweet tooth do not have to be sad about the fact that you can not have ice cream.This delicacy there are many "alternative" products, such as sweet and tasty, and most importantly useful.One of the most useful sweets - honey.It has beneficial effects on the stomach - it coats the walls and improve his condition.In the honey contains a variety of vitamins and other nutrients.

Among the useful sweets can safely celebrate and marshmallows.It is best to select pectin and containing dyes and preservatives.Pectin improves the stomach and gastritis patients should enable the sweetness in your diet.Also useful and marmalade, as it also contains pectin.The sale can be found with respect to the natural marmalade.If you wish, you can make homemade jelly.

suffering from gastritis stomach says "thank you" if you treat him sweet apple sauce or your favorite jam.Do not harm and toffee candy.The main thing is that the temperature of used products, both sweet and savory was average.Too hot or too cold food - such as jelly, jelly, some salads and other can harm sensitive stomachs.If all the above rules, you can save a great feeling.