Honey with bronchitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

There are few people who do not like sweet honey.Its taste qualities complement the culinary delights and, of course, used in the treatment of various diseases.It is interesting to know whether the honey with bronchitis, and in what quantity?

disease "bronchitis": what is it?

Bronchitis is known to us as an acute respiratory disease of the respiratory tract.The disease may be microbes, gases, dust, smoke, but the treatment is necessary in any case.Cause of the disease can be triggered by different factors, but we will focus in more detail on its treatment mainly using honey.

exhausting cough does not allow you to sleep at night, in the morning you wake up angry and dissatisfied.Throughout the day you overcomes the weakness of the whole body, and even fever.All indicators show that you need urgent treatment, as the drug and using folk remedies.

use of honey with bronchitis

timely medical treatment good for recovery, but try to understand the efficiency of the treatment of bronchitis.Many doctors a

gree with the fact that some treatments in folk medicine and contribute to the rapid recovery of the disease in a milder form.

Honey is only natural origin, its ability to thin the mucus helps in the treatment of coughs, even the most advanced stage.The most famous way to use honey for respiratory diseases - is the use of it with tea.It should know that honey should be put in a warm drink, one tablespoon per cup of tea is enough.Compound honey with hot tea can only harm instead of benefit to all hot water properties disappear.In order to achieve greater performance in the treatment take tea at night, in the morning you will be easier to cough up.

expectorant has prepared the following infusion of honey and lemon.For this recipe will need the juice of one lemon is medium in size and 100 g of honey.Mix well and add to the warm tea, which is better to drink before going to bed.This infusion not only has expectorant properties, but also greatly facilitates cough, making it not as lengthy attacks.

More bronchitis consume fresh milk with honey and butter, it should be drunk in the form of heat.This feature mitigates the respiratory tract mucosa, cough greatly reduced after a few days completely disappears.Do not use fresh milk during the fever, is contraindicated.

Prepare another means of cough you can from radish and honey.One radishes need to grate and squeeze out the juice, add 4 tablespoons of honey and let stand day.This infusion take one teaspoon every hour, with time you will begin to cough up mucus, this is quite normal, do not panic.You can also delete the midst of radish with a knife and fill the middle of the honey, a day later to take the contents of radish several times a day.