Can you soar feet with gout?

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

salt deposits of uric acid in the joints cause such diseases as gout.Most of the patients suffering from this disease are men over the age of 40 years.Gout affects the joints of hands, elbows, knees, fingers, feet.

What causes gout?

Usually, gout occurs in people leading a sedentary lifestyle.In order to avoid this is to engage in their health more closely, to exercise and eat right.Most often, people suffer from gout, initially predisposed to it, namely the suffering:

  • hypertension;
  • diabetes;
  • when installed large eating disorders;
  • there is a hereditary factor.

Another cause gout triggers - such as:

  • postoperative period;
  • stress on the joints, it may even be a long walk;
  • injury;
  • alcohol;
  • receiving diuretics.

overeating, alcohol, particularly beer can cause gout attacks.There are sudden pain, aching joints swell red and the skin around them gets hot.Such attacks occur at night and can be repeated a year later, but probably much earlier manifestation.

Treatment of gout

not dwell on the medical treatment of gout, it prescribed by a doctor after diagnosis.Let's try to figure out how to deal with bouts of gout after diagnosis at home and whether you can soar feet.

quickly relieve the pain will help a hot infusion of euphorbia, it should be diluted in a little water so that the legs to the ankles were immersed in the liquid and float for 20-30 minutes, until cool.Broth milkweed perfectly helps with spasms that occur in patients with gout.

alternating can make compresses and brewed concoctions in the ratio of 50-100 g of grass per 10 liters of water in which to soar feet.Infusion series perfectly relieves pain when they rub the sore spots of the joints, for this you will need 4 tablespoons herb pour 5 cups of boiling water and let stand for several hours.

can also soar legs with herbs such as thyme, violet, walnut leaves, oregano.Pre-brew grass in 3 liters of water for half an hour and poured into the bowl with boiling water, you can alternate the grass once to hover in one broth, cook for another another.An unusual solution of grated soap and salt relieve sudden pain and partially remove the tumor.

Gouty swelling of the legs takes decoction of chamomile with table salt, approximately 200 g in a bucket of boiling water, add another 3 tablespoons of juice golden mustache.Also in this case, you can prepare a decoction of sage or oat straw, soar feet for half an hour.Very good results can be achieved if after you warm up your feet in any broth of herbs listed above still apply a compress with heating ointment.During the night it will remove the pain, and you will feel much better.